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September 17, 2010

Bruce Pearl's Lies

The heat is really cranking up on Pearl at Tennessee.  It turns out that not only did he lie to the NCAA, but he lied to the public about why he lied to the NCAA. Here are a variety of editorials and updates on the situation:

To understand why lying to the NCAA is such a big deal, it helps to remember who you're dealing with.  NCAA investigators are often retired FBI agents who are big sports fans.  You know who doesn't like to be lied to?  FBI agents. You know who knows when they are being lied to?  FBI agents.

Roger Clemens is learning about lying during an investigation.  Had Clemons simply admitted to juicing before he testified before Congress or even pleaded the Fifth Amendment and avoided their questions, he wouldn't be facing jail time.  Lying to the Feds is an excellent way to make a small thing a gigantic thing.  Pearl knew better and as the Sportsline guys stated...he lied about something that wasn't worth lying about in the first place.



Jimmy Minors said...

Does Tennessee keep him around, or show him the door?

Anonymous said...

Here is the irony in this whole deal. Long ago, Pearl was essentially blackballed from Division 1 coaching for blowing the whistle on recruiting improprieties at Illinois when Peal was an assistant @ Iowa. Pearl was a top dog assistant but could not get a sniff of a D-1 job. He took a D-2 HC job and then worked his way up to UT.

His reputation was that he was a good coach and a "clean" recruiter albeit a bit of a self-promoter.

Now his credibility takes a major hit, not only for not being that squeaky clean recruiter, but also for having a bit of truth-telling problem.

Lou Henson probably is laughing his ass off right now thinking what goes around comes around.

Andy said...

God, imagine what would have happened if he had sold his orange sweater. . .

todd said...

Tennessee is staring having 3 mens programs on probation all at the same time. This is very much a lack of institutional control. There have been widespread problems at Tennessee for over 30 years and the NCAA had chosen to turn a blind eye to most of it. Now they're seeing what a huge mistake that was. That athletic dept. should be thrown UNDER the jail.

Oh, and I would say that they need a new D.A. as well. But when your citizens don't want to see UTK athletes prosecuted, I suppose there's no urgency to try to protect them from said athletes.

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