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September 1, 2010

College Football Pick 'Em is LIVE

If memory serves, we had well over 500 people participating last year. Our own Quinton McDawg finished around the Top 10. Me...not so much. I think Dawgnoxious finished in the Top 10...of people who did worst. To sign-up click here:
  • Pool Name: Bulldog in Exile/Georgia Sports Blog College Football Pick'em 2010
  • Type: College Football Pick'em. Teams are set by pool commissioner.
  • Description: Bulldog in Exile and the Georgia Sports Blog are teaming up for college football pick'em. We will play weeks 1-14 , so sign up immediately to participate.
Bulldog in Exile will be managing the match-ups week to week as I'm blocked from the site at work. Our pool is very focused on the SEC. We're shooting for 12-14 games per week in the pool. We focus on SEC teams plus GT, Clemson and FSU. We also try and include interesting Top 25 games. The games we exclude are SEC games against Div I-AA games and obvious beat down games beyond the SEC. (For instance, Ohio State vs. Toledo we wouldn't include, but Florida vs. Toledo we probably would keep).

IMPORTANT -- Point Spread is for informational purposes only. You aren't picking against the spread.

The pool is based on a weighting / confidence system. The MORE confident you are that a specific team will win the MORE points you allocate for the game. The less confident you are, the less points you allocate. It's really straightforward.

If you see games on future weeks that you'd like included, you can suggest them within the software. Let me know if you have any problems.

Thanks and have fun.



Paul Westerdawg said...

My hero so far is the guy picking UF to lose to Miami-Ohio. (Remember it's not a bet by Point Spread. The Spread is simply informational)

And Hooter's Whisperer is currently the best User Name.

Hunkering Hank said...

PWD - You're a great American patriot and Georgia Bulldog for finding a way to put together the office pool. I'm looking forward to proving to Dawgnoxious, yet again, that he knows nothing abut football.


Sam, Dawg Fan said...

Let's see which pool I do worse in: the weighted one or the one against the spread. I am just terrible when it comes to picks.

Bulldog in Exile said...

I'm thinking some sort of best name award....

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