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September 3, 2010

Over 250 in the College Football Pick 'em Pool

Bulldog in Exile wants to do a contest for the best name in the pool, and I thought that was a great idea. 

However, he's suggesting that there's some sort of prize involved for the person with the best user name.  In order to set your expectations properly, the prize may be something along the lines of an autographed copy of his bar tab...or a smile. Everyone could use a smile...right?

In my opinion, the best names so far are Hooters Whisperer, Jeremiah Masoli Stole My User Name, and The Turkey Insemination Crew.  You have until 11:30 or so tomorrow to join the pool.  Click here to join.



Lucid Idiocy said...

All of your potential best names are unimpressive, with the possible exception of Turkey Insemination Crew. I feel like the Dawgs are more likely to go 9-3 than this blog, which is a first for a change.

college football tickets said...

i think Hooters Whisperer will be at top at last...

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