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October 11, 2010

Georgia at Kentucky - Kickoff Time Announced

The SEC announced their kickoff time for Oct. 23rd, and UGA will face the Kentucky Wildcats at 7:30 pm ET on CSS.  The complete SEC TV schedule for that weekend includes:

12:21 pm Ole Miss at Alabama (SEC Network)
3:30 pm LSU at Auburn (CBS)
7:00 pm Alabama at Tennessee (ESPN)
7:00 pm UAB at Miss State (ESPNU)
7:00 pm South Carolina at Vandy (FSN)
7:30 pm UGA at UK (CSS)

The Georgia vs. Florida game is at 3:30 pm on CBS the following week.  It's expected that Idaho State will be at 1:00 pm, although the ISU start time hasn't been confirmed yet.



Anonymous said...

long day for Alabama

Anonymous said...

Ole Miss at 12:21 and Tennessee at 7PM? Alabama's going to have to haul it to make it from Tuscaloosa to Knoxville by 7PM. Fatigue may also be an issue.

Anonymous said...

The Idaho St. game is scheduled for a 12:30 pm kickoff:

Anonymous said...

Keeneland, here we come!!

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand the "picking order" here. ESPNU (which picks before CSS, right?) gets MSU-UAB, but CSS (last pick?) gets a pretty decent game (UGA-UK).

I don't get it. (And have had similar questions other weeks this season.)

A game on CSS really sucks for those of us outside GA/SEC region.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if DirecTV subscribers (like me, who don't get CSS) will be able to see the game?

David J. said...

I think the Ole Miss game is against Arkansas.

And has Idaho State confirmed for 12:30, with WSB-TV providing the TV coverage (local to Atlanta).

Kevin said...

How long is the commute from Tuscaloosa to Knoxville? I hope they can make kickoff

sUGArdaddy said...

I was thinking the same thing. Also, the Idaho St. game as already been announced that it will be at 12:30 and shown for free on WSB.

Ryan said...

2 games in a day, that's unprecedented... no wonder saban was bitching about the schedule before the year...

Paul said...


1230 kick for ISU, televised on WSB.

Dawg93 said...

The Idaho St. game is @ 12:30 on WSB - see link:

Idaho St TV article

Paul Westerdawg said...

Lol. I can't edit from my mobile device. Yes, Ole Miss vs Ark. Bama vs UT.

And ISU is at 12:30.

Thanks guys.

Anonymous said...

I have DirecTV. Ordered the Sports Package for $12.99/month at beginning of season to watch Dawg's out in CO when they're on obscure channels. They have CSS networks among others listed here; cheaper than ESPN Gameplan -

Anonymous said...

And to think that Saban was complaining about the Tide facing too many teams with a bye before they play Alabama! Now they have to play twice in 1-day!

I guess Nick will be calling Dennis Felton for some pointers.

orlandodawg said...

This will be tough for Alabama, but Finebaum says they can do it. And the bama dude that does the blog with a weekly recap that says everybody in the sec sucks--he says it won't even be a challenge. They can skip pregame warmups in Knoxganistan and go straight to the kickoff.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad we're playing Kentucky next week, instead of the next to last week of the season (when we both have our off week). Having an off week before Florida and in the middle of the season is overrated anyway. Also, our fans get to enjoy a well-deserved trip to the horse races. The interests of the fans always trumps the interests of the team.

Please McGarity, continue cleaning up Evans' scheduling mess and take care of crap like this.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'll say it -

F Mike Adams.

4th home nooner in a row and then Idaho Sta t noon.

It is miserable to get up that early and tailgate just to try and get your drink on before beginning your walk at 11:45.

Mike is an elitist D1ck. Period.

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