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October 16, 2010

Tennessee State Champs

Not much mystery to the 43-0 homecoming victory. Georgia was surprisingly dominant against an inferior opponent for the second consecutive week. Vandy was just outmatched all day and their own mistakes didn't help them either. Despite the shutout, I'm not yet convinced that our defense is completely ready for Kentucky, UF, Auburn, and Tech (well, maybe UF). Our run defense was good and there weren't a bunch of broken tackles, but Vandy also dropped a bunch of passes. We still have some work to do on pass defense.

Otherwise, I thought Aaron Murray just kept on chugging. You can see the guy getting better every week. This week's lesson was throwing the ball away in the red zone with the clock ticking down. Good veteran move. (Why did he need to do that? Because we used all of our time outs in the first six minutes of the first quarter. Does Richt need to consult Homer Smith again?) I thought I saw an open A.J. Green outright drop a pass and Blair Walsh miss a 31 yard field goal, but I know both of those things are impossible.

Overall, Vandy was the perfect homecoming opponent. There's little about the Dawgs' play one can legitimately complain about.

It's not about the game per se, but I do have a very legitimate complaint about what I heard during the game. Dave Neal and Andre Ware made a few of the most stunningly boneheaded comments during the game that I can recall a broadcast crew saying. First, on the botched Vandy snap, Dave Neal said a possible result of the review could be that Vandy would get the ball on their 20. Uh, how? It was either a Georgia touchdown or a safety. How could Vandy get the ball in that situation? Please explain to me. Next, when Aaron Murray almost got his face knocked off on a scramble, Andre Ware says something like "that was close to helmet-to-helmet contact." Close? The Vandy D-lineman, using nothing but the crown of his helmet, attempted to knock Murray's facemask up his nose. The ONLY contact was helmet-to-helmet. Lastly, I just chuckled when Ware said Georgia might have been flagged for "roughing the passer" when they sacked the Vandy quarterback. At least "Nomar Morano" didn't make an appearance.

When I watch games, I can push the SAP button to hear the Spanish announcers. Why can't I push the same button to turn off any commentary? I want to hear the crowd and the band, but I don't want to hear anyone talking to me. Can someone help me here?



Anonymous said...

That'll teach us to lose 4 in a row and have ESPN and CBS avoid us like the plague.

Oh how I miss Britney Spears discussions on game-winning drives...

Scott said...

Amen to a "shut off the commentator button". They're straight awful.

Anonymous said...

you want to hear the band? really? i think i'd rather hear Dave Neal talk about his brother's Vandy degree than listen to "Leroy Brown" for the 67th time...Good win for the Dawgs though.

todd said...

Second straight week that an opponent from Tennessee comes in and leads with the crown of the helmet on numerous hits. While I agree with Ware that Murray needs to not push it so much and get down, there's no excuse for the hit on him. Should've been a 15 yarder. Not impressed with Vandy or Tennessee....on or off the field. Lots of ridiculous extra curricular activities going on. Things we didn't see with other opponents.

See the officiating in the Auburn game yesterday? HORRIBLE calls on both sides. SEC officiating continues to be atrocious.

Ben said...

Nothing but crowd noise and the band? I wonder if that's a potential selling point for HD television down the road. You know, you get separate channels for each field of audio. That'd be awesome.

I, also, was really confused about that safety/touchback stuff. I know the rules tend to favor the offense, but I didn't think there was a rule as egregious as that.

Anonymous said...

Mason Hudson was pretty poised back there, too.

And Dave Neal has never accurately estimated the distance on an offensive play. EVER. "Dawgs with the ball on their 30. Little give to Ealey. He breaks a tackle and is brought down at the 38 for a gain of 3 or 4 yards."

"First down (and 10) Vandy at their 20. Option pitch to Norman, who is brought down HARD at the 22. Just a yard or so shy of the first down."


Anonymous said...

Neal and Ware are comic relief, but they don't know it. The officiating was horrible. Several clear blocks in the back were not called.

Anonymous said...

The "stadium sounds only" audio feed would be amazing! ESPN should work on that instead of 3D...

I was pretty confused on that ball out of the end zone thing. I thought for sure I knew the rules, but then the announcers kept saying that so I was trying to figure out if I was wrong or they were. I should've known better!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Vnnderbilt's #93 should be locked in a room with CTG for 10 minutes. I know his parents must be proud.

Mateo said...

The crowd "noise" left a little be desired yesterday. I guess that's what a four-loss stretch will do. At least the band sounded good. Keep it up... Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

Justin Houston probably could wait to shower after that game. Vandy's tackles weren't just holding...they were fondling. That's got to be a personal foul.

WaynesPaw said...

Yep, that great redcoat band. Leroy Brown, Iron Man, the sportscenter "da da da" and the stupidest 4th quarter tradition in sports.

Hooray crowd noise.

And speaking of crowd, where the hell was the upper level and endzone student section?

Anonymous said...

really? theres no excuse for trying to hit someone as hard as you can? I hate that rule. Along with "unnecessary roughness", it is ruining the nfl. I have turned off a couple of nfl games when those penalties were called because I just can't stand it. Thank God its not called in college very much. ITS FOOTBALL and idiots like you are trying to making it a pansy sport.

CBS's announcers are 10x worse than sec network. espns are good tho.

Dubbayoo said...

So if SC loses to Ark and FL to finish 4-4; Florida loses to UGA and finishes 4-4; UGA wins out and finishes 5-3 we're in?

Anonymous said...

The crowd noise was non-existent for two reasons:

1) Noon games (and several losses) don't do much to get people excited.

2) It was obvious that the audio people turned down the music and only played a song at halftime. Sorry, but the students don't care about the band...we get excited to music that the players would like to hear too...McGarity, stop being Michael Adams and listen to the students.

Anonymous said...

A few points about the band, seeing as how I'm in it.

a) The band only plays Leroy Brown after a sack
b) We have never, EVER, played Iron Man or the Sportscenter Theme.
c) Several of the songs that we play, we play at the request of football players.

The reason that people have the impression that our band isn't as good as other bands, is because our students don't care about them. Actually listen to the "Heartbeat of the Bulldog Nation" as Vince Dooley called us.

Most of the crowd noise comes from us, believe it or not. We are always there, from beginning to end. Why don't the STUDENTS start being REAL FANS? As soon as it looks like the team isn't doing well, or is going to win easily, you leave. Why don't you actually stay and support the team for the entire game? Regardless of the score. It's not like you have anywhere to go other than your dorm or apartment.

The Realist said...


The Redcoats do not play Iron Man or the Sportscenter theme. And, I can think of several other 4th quarter traditions that are stupider (Ga Tech).

In the same breath, you criticize the students who are there participating (Redcoats, 4th quarter) and you criticize the students who are not there.

Here's a quick fix for you. If you don't like what you see here... go elsewhere. There are lots of other programs that would bend over backwards to give you the gameday experience you so desire.

And, the new(ish) student ticketing policy is 100% to blame for those seats not being full. If you don't know why that is, then you clearly have your finger on the pulse of the program, so there is no point in arguing it with you.

Chris S said...

While they're adding your button to turn off commentary, can I get one that allows me to mute only Dick Vitale and Lou Holtz?

tgabellabean said...

Neal and Ware are hilarious. I mean, there were lots of times they goofed, but to mess up on the number of Uga's...that's just stupid.

"He's the great-great-great-great-great-great grandson of the original Uga...or something like that. There's been a lot of them."

Um, there's been 8 there, buddy.

MLT said...

the crowd was quiet because the game was really disjointed early. time-outs, injuries, ref injuries, t.v. commercials really clogged the pace of the game (coming from someone who has only missed 1 home game in 10 years).
also: most fans would rather hear the band than the "canned" music pieces and play montages on the video board. we like the atmosphere and pageantry of the game, not hearing whatever crap is on the radio turned up to 50 with a package of highlights from 2 years ago.

/end rant.

Russ said...

Lay off the band. I'd much rather hear then than the canned crap (and I love loud rock music - all kinds, just not at a football game).

Also, NBC ran an NFL game without announcers back in the early 70's. They had crowd noise and I think the stadium announcer. May have also had graphics for down/distance, but I can't remember.

I'd love to be able to turn off the announcers, and the technology obviously exists.

Carlton said...

Hey Dubayoo - I hope you're not a UGA grad with your logic.
If we finish 5-3 and SC and Florida finish 4-4, then yes, we would go to the SEC Championship game. That's not rocket science.

5>4 (that sideways "V" means "greater than", fyi)

Anonymous said...

Our band is average at best. The main problems being that they have no "call and response" with the fans and they're quieter than most bands (and I'm not referring to how often they play).

Also, they play NOTHING that makes people think "Georgia" when they hear it.

Anonymous said...

I can care less about the band or the bad announcers. Just win. The rest is details.

Anonymous said...

The announcers were quite awful.

Anyone know yet what Britney is doing with her life?

Mateo said...

Da, Da-da Da-da Da-da... "Go Dawgs!". They call, you respond.
And, BTW, the Redcoats are regularly known as one of the loudest bands in the SEC. Who are you comparing them to?

bz said...

According to Ware, "Vance Cliff" and "Mason Hudson" also play for the Dawgs.

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