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October 25, 2010

That's Mr. Houston to You

Houston on the tackle vs. UT (Image: Hipple)

Yes. He's a badass. The SEC Defensive Player of the week now is now tied for the lead nationally in Total Sacks with 9.5 according to

The only thing missing from his game is an inside spin move. He's so fast rushing up field past the OT that teams often call the inside draw play to run inside his attack route. If he could vary his approach a little with an inside spin, he could further disrupt the opponent's play calling.

Houston is currently on pace to record 15.5 sacks this season. Although, that number will be almost impossible to hit with GT throwing the ball so infrequently and Cam Newton being so super human difficult to sack.

UGA single season sack leaders:
    14 - David Pollack (2002)
    13 - Mitch Davis (1993)
    12.5 - David Pollack (2003)
    12 - Richard Tardits - (1988)
    12 - Jimmy Payne (1981)
SEC career sacks records:
    52 - Derrick Thomas: Alabama '85-88
    49 - Billy Jackson: Ole Miss '80-83
    37 - Ben Williams: Ole Miss '72-75
    36 - David Pollack, UGA '01-04
    33 - Alex Brown, UGA '98-01
    32 - Reggie White, UT '80-83
    29 - Richard Tardits, UGA '85-88
For his career, Houston currently has 19.5 sacks. He would need to stick around for his senior season to have a shot at the UGA career mark. And it would take one helluva a season to knock that record down.



Mr. Sanchez said...

No one touches Derrick Thomas. He set untouchable records as a senior and blew the career record out of the water.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Alex Brown played for UF...

Carlton said...

Alex Brown played for Georgia?

Russ Fortson said...

Didn't Alex Brown go to UF?

Sam, Dawg Fan said...

Richard Tardits!

Anonymous said...

Couldnt you at least find a picture with Houston actually making the tackle???!?

Unknown said...

Actually, I have very few pics of Houston in action that I have rights to publish.

The way that play looks to me is Houston is part of the tackle. But you could see it otherwise. Obviously.

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