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December 2, 2010

Video: Aaron Murray Season Highlight

2010 Season Highlights from Aaron Murray. The video was uploaded to Youtube by pr1sonmike

Watching this is about as encouraging as it gets.



Anonymous said...

Encouraging until you realize the guy who caught 2/3 of those passes is leaving.

Still, A-Ron is a stud.

Anonymous said... if our defense could keep the other guys off the board, we could have the complete package. I'm encouraged Grantham can bring the nastiness back, and he better before the smurfs invade the GA Dome next September.

VAdawg said...

I guess this is encouraging, but its also incredibly frustrating. oh the season that could have been.

Aaron is awesome though. And so is Orson. Happy days will return. One day.

Chris said...

Encouraging until you start looking at the scores in the Ark, Miss St, SC, UF, CO, and AU games and remember how close we were if the defense could have gotten one or two more stops....

Ben said...

That video not only makes me appreciate how lucky we are to Have Aaron Murray but also makes me realize how much I'm going to miss Kris Durham.

Anonymous said...

I was at the Tech game and felt like I said 10 times 'If he'd lead the guy he would have had another 10 yds.' Same thing on a bunch of these highlights. I'm not trying to be critical, just sayin'

Ginny said...

Even if you don't agree with a lot of what they do, you've really got to give Bobo and Richt a lot of credit for Aaron's development. This is incredible. Having the best receiver in the nation helped too, I'm sure.

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