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June 15, 2011

Projected Georgia Kickoff Times

Here is my best guess for Georgia's kickoff times:
  • Sept 3: @GA Dome in Chick-fil-a Kickoff Game against Boise State -- 8 ESPN
  • Sept 10: South Carolina -- 4:30 ESPN
  • Sept 17: Coastal Carolina -- Noon or 7:00 FSN/CSS
  • Sept 24: @ Ole Miss -- 12:21 SECN
  • Oct 1: Miss State -- 12:00 ESPN/2/U or 12:21 SECN
  • Oct 8: @ UT -- 7:00 ESPN/2/U
  • Oct 15: @Vandy -- 12:00 or 7:00 FSN/CSS/ESPNU
  • Oct 29: (Jax) UF -- 3:30 CBS
  • Nov 5: NMSU -- 1:00 PPV
  • Nov 12: AU -- 12:00/3:30 CBS or 7pm ESPN (most likely noon on CBS)
  • Nov 19: UK -- 7:00 ESPN/2
  • Nov 26: @GT -- 3:30/7:30pm ABC/ESPN/2  or 3:30 ACCRegional
Each school gets a PPV game, that is either Coastal Carolina on September 17 or New Mexico State on November 5. 

SEC Games, September 17th (games already scheduled listed in bold):
Ole Miss at Vandy - SECN 12:21
Tennessee at Florida - CBS @ 3:30
Navy at South Carolina - ESPN 2 @5:00

Coastal Carolina at Georgia
N. Texas at Alabama
Troy at Arkansas
Louisville at Kentucky
LSU is at Mississippi State on ESPN on Thursday, Sept 15th at 7pm
Auburn plays at Clemson on Sept 17th on ABC at noon

I think the UK-'Ville game will be on ESPN at 11am or 7pm.  It is possible Coastal would be a noon kickoff on ESPNU, but there are better games for ESPNU to carry, so I am sticking with CSS/FSN. 

SEC Games, November 5:
LSU at Bama
South Carolina at Arkansas
Ole Miss at Kentucky
Vandy at Florida
NMSU at Georgia
UT Martin at Mississippi State
Middle Tennessee at Tennessee
Auburn is off
Nothing is scheduled for this date, so a lot depends on records through the October 8th/15th games or possibly the late October games if CBS exercises their late decision wildcard.  You have to think the four conference games and Middle Tennessee at Tennessee are more interesting than NMSU at Georgia, even if Georgia is 8-0 and unscored upon.  That is why I think this game is PPV.

Auburn is up in the air because of the other games that day.  CBS has their noon and 3:30 double header for that date.  The 3:30 is exclusive, so they will pick the best of the Georgia/Auburn, Florida/South Carolina, or Bama/Mississippi State.  ESPN gets the next pick, then CBS will get the pick for thier nooner.  A noon kickoff is a hunch guess at this point.

Tech is a WAG, as that game could be the ABC game of the week or it could be local access.  As for the CSS/FSN games, they are supposed to be night games, but no telling what behind the scenes work will be done to keep night kickoffs from happening this season.  Probably depends on how things go on campus with the South Carolina game.


*Huge h/t to Jim in Duluth for the tutorial on SEC football TV scheduling. 


chambersjd3 said...

Sorry to say it but I see you guys losing your first two against Boise State and USC. I think you'll finish 8-4 though.

TyWebb said...

I have to think that Miss St game may be picked up by CBS or ESPN. Maybe FSS?

Both teams could be ranked going in, and while I am sure there are other big SEC games that day, this could be one of the top selections.

FisheriesDawg said...

Thanks for the input, chambersjd3. Can you tell me what that has to do with kickoff times, or are you just trolling for blog hits?

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