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June 20, 2011

Real Auburn Championship Rings

So, without looking at the years, could you guess which national championship ring is more real? 

Any bets on when the one on the left becomes as real as the one on the right?


(H/t to Matt Hinton at Dr. Saturday)


Scott said...

You know... this just does not excite me since none of these say GEORGIA on them. When you find Georgia Championship rings, then let me know. Until then, Auburn and the rest of the SEC could kiss my Red and Black @$$!

all school said...

they can't take away the one on the right...the Eufaula Examiner will never revoke its 2004 award.

X-Dawg said...

Thaose are almost as nice as the rings GTU gave out to its players for beating us in 2008.

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