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July 16, 2011

About the Recruiting Haul

Nice work by the coaches. The commitment of Theus is especially enormous because of the challenges UGA has faced the past four seasons recruiting and retaining healthy players.

Benedict is gone. Harmon is gone. Long has moved to another position and hasn't been healthy enough for live action. Xavier Ward is injured. The coaching staff was all-in on Theus in a huge way.

Weekends like send the message to recruits that we still have the "marketplace momentum." Now, if the basketball program could just get some recruiting momentum.



Anonymous said...

pwd: how concerned are you about Mark Fox's inability to close with big recruits in our own backyard?

Paul Westerdawg said...

Anon - I'm DefCon 3 nervous. But I won't hit DefCon 1 until Nov. 15th. Lots of time left to land some blue chippers.

Kentavious Caldwell can only play 1 position at a time.

Scott said...


Wake me up when they put on the Red and Black and do something. Until then, they are just names of children who may never make anything of themselves.

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