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July 5, 2011

Football Season Starts Today

The media is back from vacation, media days are two weeks off, kickoff is in 60 days, and South Carolina fans are already crowning themselves national champions.  Ah, I love July.

A few things to catch you up on what is happening around the SEC...
  • Alabama gets in the secondary violation market.
  • Arkansas is in the market for a lineman that likes to take care of business.  Guess he is buying into Petrino's 'Its just business' attrition philosophy.
  • Auburn has got to be counting the days until they have to give back that pretty trophy.  Toomer's Oaks might live.  Cecil Newton doesn't want to live in the past, either. 
  • Florida bloggers are waxing poetic about...Spurrier.  Everyone loves a front runner.
  • Kentucky will get the new pro-combat look this season.  Meh.
  • LSU's dreams big with Steve Kragthorpe.  Will Brian Brohm also be in Baton Rouge?
  • Mississippi State's resurgence in football is being credited to a guy that left after two years for Arizona State.  That will tell you everything you need to know about the state of affairs there before Greg Byrne showed up.
  • Meanwhile in Oxford, a list of bold moves that reads like some we'd probably like to see Georgia pull.  I'm depressed now.
  • South Carolina has season football tickets to sell.  Really.
  • Health Schuler is thinking of leaving Washington again. This should quell any Norv Turner to be Dooley's Ocordinator rumors.
  • Vandy has the State Run Media worried a bit.  
I have to admit, besides Tennessee's visit with the NCAA and the fall out from that, this has been an extremely quiet summer.  Compared to past years, especially in Athens, I am ok with that.



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