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July 14, 2011

Poking the Bear

Either Chizik is starting to believe the Alabama press about his intelligence or getting a pretty ring to wear has made him very arrogant, but I don't think trying to show up the NCAA's head of enforcement is a good idea, either way.

Maybe he should have Gus Malzahn with him all the time.



all school said...

I think Chin Gizik might actually be starting to believe his own BS, which would explain why he fits in so well with the rest of the AU Family (like the Corleone Family, only more piously hypocritical, and so far, no one has gotten whacked). Pride goeth before a fall, Chin.....and based on what the NCAA did to GTU for lying about cheating on a small scale, the barners should be shaking in their overalls about what's going to happen if the posse comes for THEM somewhere down the road.

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