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July 22, 2011

Who Needs Superstars? Uh, We Do.

I was watching Richt at Media Days yesterday.  I thought this sounded familiar:
Q. In retrospect, how much did the situation with A.J. have to do with last season? Looking ahead, how do you replace his capabilities on your offense?
COACH RICHT: I don't know how much A.J. not playing the first four games made a difference. I mean, we were 1-3 after that. I mean, I think we probably would have had a little better record if he was there the whole time.  The other thing that was frustrating, not only was he not there, week by week we weren't sure if he was going to play the first game, the second game, whatever it was. You're trying to halfway prepare with him thinking he might get the word he could play. It did change the dynamic of the game plan quite a bit.  Absolutely not making an excuse. Those teams we played, they whooped us. We played Colorado. He came back and Colorado whooped us. It wasn't like as soon as A.J. showed up, we were going to win every game. That's not the case. But to replace him, and Kris Durham by the way, a third- or fourth-round pick, whatever Kris was, a lot of offensive balls being thrown to A.J. and Kris, now they're gone. You have a bunch of guys that have opportunities to make plays. When you have Matthew Stafford, when you have Knowshon Moreno, you have A. J. Green, I think there's a tendency for the teammates to look at those guys and to say, A.J. is going to win the game for us, Stafford is going to win the game for us. Now those guys are gone, these 'superstars' are gone. Now everybody is thinking, I have to pull my weight, my opportunity is coming. I've got to do my part. I think that's going to be real healthy for us. 
Didn't we hear those last few lines almost word for word in 2009 when Stafford and Knowshon left? 



S.E. Dawg said...

I had some confidence for this season. Now I'm getting nervous.

Bourbon Dawgwalker said...

Ehh, what is he supposed to say? "Heck, we can't replace AJ with the dopes we've got at wide receiver now"

Anonymous said...

I thought the exact same thing as I was hearing it. I think things are a little different this year, but the comment was eerily familiar.

Anonymous said...

the comment is familiar because the situation is familiar. But it doesn't mean we can chalk up an 8-5 record already. We have different skill players now than 2 years ago and TK and Orson are proven commodities. Our QB is far more talented and experienced than in 2009 and he also seems to really like our new young WR. Similar situation doesn't necessarily mean similar outcome. Like the guy said, what is CMR supposed to say? He, along with us fans, we're all just waiting to see if these kids have "it".

Anonymous said...

We didn't hear the same thing. What you are missing in all of this is the foundation of the program in 2009 was already rotting. That has been addressed and the rot is gone, at this point the question is, is the foundation solid again or finished be laid again.

Jules said...

It's standard coach-speak. I think he also wants to try and temper expectations a bit, if only to try and lessen the pressure that will be on him this year.

Ginny said...

Yeah I don't really know what he was expected to say. After you've been asked the same questions over and over again you kinda start giving the same answers. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Dawgfan Will said...

In the not-so-immortal words of Harrison Ford in that (ahem) classic film "Six Days, Seven Nights:" "Well, I'm the captain; it doesn't do much good for me to go around screaming 'Shit! We're all gonna die!'"

Edawg said...

He derailed starting with the sentence "When you have Matthew Stafford..."

If you really think your non-superstars are looking for the superstars to win the game, you've failed as a coach.

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