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August 17, 2011

Burning Down the House

It is only a matter of time before it happens.  Miami, 'da U, will be a mere afterthought of the football world.  Ask anyone under 30 about SMU football.  They just look at you blankly.  Yeah, they might be able to say they got in trouble once.  Maybe, just maybe, they can tell you (wrongly) the Mustangs are the only major sports program to get the 'death penalty.'  But most likely, SMU is just a punch line.  A place June Jones moved to after rebuilding Hawaii.  C-USA punching bag.

I don't think Miami gets the 'death penalty.' The NCAA won't have to impose it.  Miami's faculty will burn the program down.  Wholesale.  They'll have no choice.

Just looking at SMU, Baylor and the Albert Means, here is what Miami will likely self-impose:
  • At least a two year bowl ban. 
  • Reduction of 15 or more schollys for three years.
  • Restrictions on recruiting, likely to include reduced coaches visits and official visits.
  • Any major supporter that even looks like they could be dirty from the past twenty years will be unwelcomed.
  • Firing the AD and wholesale house cleaning in the athletic department compliance office.
It is conceivable they will only play a conference schedule for a season, as well. 

If even half of what Shapiro has said is true and can be remotely trusted, Miami's football and men's basketball programs are toast.


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*I kid.  I'm sure James was a strict cash only guy.  
**Not yet, but it isn't a stretch.


Anonymous said...

SMU did not get in trouble once - they received the death penalty for being a repeat violator.

Now SMU may argue that they really were not repeating but just continuing the same pattern of behavior, but the reality is the NCAA caught them violating the rules 5 times from 74-85 BEFORE they found them guilty and gave them the "death penalty."

Also, all of the speculation about Shapiro is not to be trusted due to his felony conviction is difficult to swallow since Shapiro handed over THOUSANDS of photographs of UM players & coaches & Shapiro at nighclubs, restaurants, etc.

Who can honestly believe that Shapiro made all of this stuff up yet had all of this access to hang out with these guys?

Shapiro is a 5'5", Jewish kid from Brooklyn who went to USF. There is no way he would have had access to any of these players and coaches unless he bought his way in to the circle. Plus even after buying in, he was going to need to keep on providing the juice to stay in the club.

He had NOTHING in common with these cats.

JaxDawg said...

Bad news for Miami, good news for Florida. Unfortunately.

Tyler Dawgden said...

JaxDawg, I have only begun to think about the ramifications, recruiting wise, for UF and FSU. On one hand, you have to think some of these players that were never going to leave S.Florida will look at FAU, on the other, the Miami area just became ripe with opportunity for schools.

This whole thing is utterly fascinating to me.

Hobnail_Boot said...

I was thinking USF and UCF would be the biggest benefactors from Miami's ostrich act.

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