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August 12, 2011

John Kasay's Letter to Panther Fans

After 16 years, John Kasay's tenure with the Carolina Panthers has ended. Kasay prepared a handwritten note for all the Panther fans. He leaves as the last remaining member of their expansion team. Letter via (The Observer).

Kasay was a Damn Good Dawg. And a class act to the end of his career in Charlotte.

Helps if I spell his name right. geez.


Anonymous said...

Not to be a spelling Nazi...but, it's 'Kasay'.

Russ Fortson said...

Damn good Dawg!

Anonymous said...

Hard to hide class. Mom and Dad raised him right.
Go Dawgs!

Scott H. said...

Kasey was my grandfather's (Coach Hartman) last pupil in the NFL. Kasey is a classy guy and had an amazing, long career after starting with the Seahawks.

Andy said...

I'm with the Nazi - fix that, ASAP.

Dubyadee said...

A little back story that few know: After a few miserably homesick years in Seattle, John and Laura decided he should quit football. He was already talking to some folks about a sales job and, I think, was actually hoping to go into the ministry.

When he got the call from Carolina, he figured that it was closer to home and that he would just give it a try. 16 years later . . .

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