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September 26, 2011

3 Questions Answered: Ole Miss

Turned out my concerns of this being another Colorado game were unfounded. Outside of a two trick play drive and the continued lack of competent special teams play/coaching, this was a total and utter domination by Georgia. 
  1. Can the Georgia team that showed up last week and against South Carolina (minus the freebie points) do so for a third consecutive week?  Three strong performances in a row.  We gave them freebie points, but that was all we gave them.  The defense is really coming into their own and the offense is competent, mostly, at moving the ball.  There are places for improvement, particularly in the passing offense, but this was a good road win.  Instead of playing to the level of the competition, which wasn't very good, to be sure, we came out and controlled the game from the kickoff. 
  2. Does Mason get in the game anytime other than late in mop up duty? Coachspeak. 
  3. Do we finally acknowledge that we have to be a bit more innovative to give the QB time to run the offense since, you know, we are almost down to playing recruits on the offensive line? Murray only got sacked twice, with one of them coming on a Frank Roger Dorn'esque olĂ© by Crowell.  As I said above, we have some improvement in the passing offense to go, with one of those areas being blocking for Murray.  On the upside, the rush blocking was very strong.  I'd still like to see a few more screen plays for Charles, and the swing pass was open nearly every time we snuck a RB to the flats giving potential there.  Murray's footwork is a mess a times, which is exacerbating the protection issue, but all of that is improving.  
One final thing, I don't know why we don't run the play action with Mitchell running deep play 5 times a game. Even if we don't throw it to him, it always has to suck at least one guy (and probably keeps a safety honest) out of coverage.  That is as money a play as we have.



Ben said...

There was a particular swing pass in the 1st half in which Murray threw behind Crowell. If Murray makes that throw and Crowell makes the catch, there was nothing but green space out there in front of him. I hope they get that worked out more consistently because it would be a nice one to have.

Anonymous said...

I think you mean Roger Dorn ...

Frank Dorn is a formal WW II general

Tony Waller said...

Yes, you are correct. I also knew a Frank Dorn at UGA. Thanks for the catch.

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