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September 5, 2011

Boise State Game Review

Ok, I'm going to get the good out of the way:
  • Any doubt who the better running back between Samuel and Crowell are should be answered with the following stats: 7/12/1.7 vs 15/60/4.0.  Based on what I saw, the plays were the same general plays, with Crowell getting the runs later in the game when the line wasn't exactly fresh.  Give the kid the rock.
  • Mitchell is very fast.  Mitchell can catch.  Mitchell keeps his feet when the ball is thrown his way.
  • The same could be said for Charles. Any game plan the rest of the season that doesn't involve getting him 12+ looks per game is borderline criminal.  
  • The best blocked play we had was Boykin's TD.  Makes you think we could find some traction trying to get guys in space and block open field.  Just a wild ass idea.
  • Speaking of, nice run by Boykin.  Great field vision.
  • The D looked strong at times, especially on 3rd down.  If the season ends up not being a puss filled boil on a fat dude's thigh, we might look back at this being the start of something.
  • Nice stones going for it on 4th and 2, then following it with a competent home run play.  Best coaching move we saw last night on the Georgia side.
The Bad:
  • We were cramping. Indoors. Maybe we should put some sports drink on that training table.  Or salt tablets.  Pickle brine?
  • Murray looked like he made several bad reads.  I am willing to say it is because of the pressure.  Speaking of, any chance we see less than six guys rushing Murray the rest of the season?
  • If we can't handle three or four, how will we handle six.  Also, if we are going to call out Crowell for missing a block, lets talk about Bean, Burnette, Jones, and Glenn's play.  They didn't exactly grade out strong.
  • Not sure where the breakdown is, but we couldn't stop the TE underneath play.  Ever.  I think Kyle Efaw just caught a pass while wide open.
The Ugly:
  • When we took the football on the toss, I was excited.  I honestly thought we had plays drawn up especially for this situation.  New, innovative, cool shit.  It was shit, all right.  Did we really run a dive on the first play?  Really?  Oh, I guess not, we jumped off sides.  
  • Dude, we actually still can't get the right personnel groupings in.  Unreal.
  • The hurry up isn't actually a hurry up if we lollygag to the line, wait 15 seconds for a play to be called based on the defensive formation, then wait until 8 seconds left to start motion.  
  • Orson catches two passes for 30 yards in Georgia's first possession after the half, then is promptly pulled.  White caught another pass, but Orson didn't come back out until after we punted.  This is exhibit 19A of this phenomenon. Got keep those hot guys fresh.
  • Fan's booing.
  • We didn't run but one successful play (the TE up and out route) more than twice all game.  I'd have had Boykin, Smith or Mitchell on the field every play after Boykin's TD.  Of course, I'd not have called Samuel up the middle on 1st and 15 from my own 15 after asking for the ball first.
  • Four false start penalties.  We know the freaking count.  I mean, we are supposed to.
At least we know more about this team than if we'd played Directional Carolina.  I just hope Boise State is as good as they looked.  



todd said...

I know the booing is bad. It's going to be perceived as players being booed. But wholeheartedly the booing was for the coaching staff...and they deserved it. Richt's stubborness and loyalty are two great personal strengths. But keeping staff members as long as he does is either complete blindness or stupidity. We can't win the SEC again with a blind or stupid coach. I like the man personally. But he gets no quarter from here. He should've resigned last year. Unfortunately he's put us in the position of having to shove him out the dang door. It WILL be 0-2. And I do not believe that an easy schedule the rest of the way should save that man's job.

Anonymous said...

PWD, Tyler somebody anybody help me here!!! I got this wild ass conspiracy theory gonig on and I can't shake it. OK here we go, Sometime this spring I read where the Boise staff was at Alabama spring practices. So i thought NOT GOOD, cause we both run same OFF and DEF and there they were studying all the ins and outs of each... NOT GOOD!! But what really shook me was would little Nicky give them any help?? some film to take with them (maybe when they blacked our butts out perhaps) did they give them any info from their scouting files??? PWD i know we looked bad no denying that, that's a fact. But damn, they knew every damn thing we were trying to do.OK enough of that I saw where Carolina's 1's go against 1's and 2's against 2's how many other schools do this?? This stuff where we wax our 2's in practice and beat our chest and pronounce ourselves good needs to end yesterday.Lastly the thing that would make my Christmas so merry would be Boise and Bama in the National Champ game and Boise could use ALL that help lil NICKY gave, to whip his Ass!!!

Tyler Dawgden said...

Anon, I'm not ruling out anything, including Adam West inhabiting the brain of Mike Bobo.

Anonymous said...

"Fan's booing". Based on the apostrophe, sounds like it was only one guy, and that's not so bad.

Anonymous said...

I am not looking forward to the deafening sound of booing when we hand to Samuel up the middle for a yard gain on our first possession. It won't matter if it's the first play or the tenth. It will happen.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Anon 12:11, I was thinking of one guy in particular when I wrote that. The same guy was also teaching his kid that the rest of the crowd should sit or stand based on when he thought they should. He kept yelling for people to sit down, 'there ain't nothing worth watching here anymore'.

Of course, it applied more broadly, too.

Jon R said...

Anytime, one the most electrifying plays comes from a defensive player instead of an offensive player then you are in trouble.

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