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September 5, 2011

A Few Final Thoughts

Image: When he catches it. Don't pull him. (Image: Hipple)

I've seen a bunch of good breakdowns of the game points, but I wanted to just give a couple that I thought about that I haven't seen addressed anywhere.

1. What are we trying to do on offense? Every offense needs an identity. For the most part, Georgia has historically been an I-formation/play action passing team. We ran, I believe, one play in the first half with a traditional I-formation and one play action pass (out of the shotgun). The result was not much offense, other than a long end-around. The first drive of the second half was a return to our traditional offense and resulted in the first sustained drive of the night for us. It stalled because of a penalty, drop, sack, and missed FG in succession. After that, we continued to go from under center and things were better, if only slightly so, than the first half. Drops and penalties short circuited any real sustained drives and eventually the score required more shotgun snaps. So, what are we, a spread shotgun offense or a power run, play action team? Our line didn't look like either, but we've got to figure it out and commit to it.

2. A.J. is long gone. We need to understand that. Throwing it up to a receive in one-on-one man coverage is unlikely to work with our current receivers. We tried that at least four times Saturday with zero success. They weren't even close. If you've got a receiver like A.J., you can do that and expect the receiver to make a play on the ball. We don't have a guy like that right now.

3. The defense still has schematic problems. Most of Boise's pass plays weren't long throws. I'd guess 80% of Moore's throws were within seven yards of the line of scrimmage. Most of those were to either a wide open receiver or an inside slant route. Simple stuff that's hard to defend with sheer talent. It's scheme and technique taught by coaches. Kids don't always listen, but the coaches have to make sure they listen. That's got to get fixed TODAY because Shiny Pants is going to run shallow crosses on us all night long Saturday based on that tape. If we can't stop that, we will have no hope.

4. No more alternate uniforms, ever. I like the black jerseys, but put them away. We should never wear another set of alternate uniforms. We've had our asses absolutely handed to us the last three years with that stuff. Retire all alternate uniforms indefinitely.

4. The season (and Richt's career) isn't over. It might seem so with last Saturday's performance, but a win this coming Saturday cures all. Will that happen? I wouldn't bet on it given current evidence.



Anonymous said...

Quick question. Is it just me or have we really put ourselves in the situation where Branden Smith and Crowell cannot be on the field at the same time? To make this impossible based on jersey number seems like a very stupid issue.

Ben said...

I was wondering about those short passes, too. We got completely drilled on them all night long, and Grantham never seemed to have an answer. I'm not a defensive guru, but what would have happened if the Dawgs had dropped an LB back into coverage? It seems like that would have helped a little bit to slow them down and at least make Moore think about his passes. As it was, we gave them the middle of the field all night long.

Scott said...

1. What are we trying to do on offense? Since Mike Bobo has become OC, the offense has been predictable. He coaches the way he played. While he was a decent QB, he did not have the talent of Georgia's last few QBs. Bpbo has to learn to get rid of his script and keep doing things that work until they stop working. He has to start to play to win and not play to balance.

2. A.J. is long gone. We know this, stop reminding us. However, the problem is not throwing into single coverage, it's Aaron Murray's accuracy. Forget the drops, every time Murray threw long it was over someone's head. He has to get the timing down with his receivers. Also, why aren't we throwing slants instead of screens. Why isn't Murray taking a two-step drop and throwing it to Charles or a receiver across the middle? With Georgia's offensive scheme, the middle is open because the defense figured out that Georgia does not throw there. Let's take advantage of what the defense is giving up!

3. The defense still has schematic problems. The biggest issue we had with the previous DC (who will remain nameless) is that he didn't adjust. Even with Boise State running the same plays (slants and short passes), the Georgia D didn't adjust. Doesn't Grantham have an assistant in the booth watching? Didn't they see that the D was giving up the short and middle passes? Even watching on television, I noted that the DBs were playing too far off the line. Like the offense, defend what they are doing until they beat you. This includes shadowing players out of the backfield or keeping a line backer "home" in the middle of the field looking for the slant or pass to the fullback.

4. No more alternate uniforms, ever. AMEN! Red jerseys at home. White jerseys on the road. Silver britches. Red helmets. PERIOD! (although I did like the silver helmets)

5. The season (and Richt's career) isn't over. Let's see how he does against The Evil One this weekend. If Richt gets out coached at home on Saturday, he should start packing his office!

I would not have been so angry if Georgia lost and showed improvement over last year. But they looked and played like the same team that went 6-7 with all of the same problem that lead to a losing season. I am tired of the same story and will not take a loss to the Columbia Chickens lightly regardless of how the teams looks. Anything short of a win 'Tween the Hedges is unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

You are right, its the uniforms. Thats the reason we look out coached by teams with lesser talent consistently. Boise had on Nike Pro combat unis also. It didn't seem to bother them any. LMAO at the people who harp on the uniforms. You don't like em, fine, neither do I. In fact I wish they had ran out to the field before the game and and all yelled in unison, "Power Rangers, morph" into a decent football team. There was a lot to harp on about Sat nights performance but the uniforms need to be about #25 on a long list.

Anonymous said...

Agree on all points. But, I just can't let the uniform thing go. I think the alternate uniforms and 'blackouts' are just a ploy to get fans to spend more money. Our local university fills the stadium with gold. This season we went with alternates and the next game is a blackout. So, Nike and the university stand to make a lot of cash by folks going with the ploy.

I think this takes too much attention from the play on the field and adds too much hype to the uniform and what the fans wear.

gatriguy said...

What is this "offensive identity" of which you speak?


Mike Bobo

joe_h said...

Richt and his incompetent coaching staff are done. There's not a chance in hell we don't lose 5 games this season. Richt has no clue what he's doing anymore, or he just doesn't care. He's gotten too comfortable in his 3 million dollar per year job.

Well, I've got news for him. Barring a miracle turnaround, which aint happening, he's out of here. He won't survive this season.

Anonymous said...

I noticed they moved motel 6 to buford, the ol is still missing.placed call to tk ,was dropped.

Anonymous said...

A win this Saturday cures all? Are you freaking serious?

Buy a clue from somebody.

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