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September 12, 2011

Final South Carolina Thoughts

Crowell on the move. (Image: Jim Hipple; click to enlarge)
After watching the replay, I don't think I have too much profound to add about the game.  As someone who watched the replay told me, it is like finding out your ex-girlfriend wasn't cheating on you after all.  Yes, there is solace, but little consolation for the loss.

Figgins with the catch (Image: Hipple; Click to enlarge)
What I took away from the replay?  Any game plan that doesn't involve getting Crowell 25+ touches a game is not well thought out criminal.  Same goes for any game plan that doesn't involve the FBs in the passing game more.  The defense is better than I give them credit for, especially on the blitz packages.  We have...issues...with Washington not getting off his blocks.  Same goes for Anderson's handling of the speed rush.  Murray's footwork fell off late, which is a product of him getting hit so many times. The missed FG was the worse kick of Walsh's career.  We should have gotten a celebration penalty after the Wooten TD.  Rambo's play is significantly better, especially on pass coverage.  Commings is better at CB than Safety, if for no other reason than Rambo is a better option at safety overall.
Commings sacks Garcia (Image: Hipple; Click to enlarge)
When you get in a gun fight, you can't win when you shoot at yourself every third shot.  That is what happened Saturday.  You can blame coaching, players, jerseys, the crowd, Mike Adams, the economy, Sandinistas, Quincy Carter, Jimmy Carter, Damon Evans, Jan Kemp, or Congress, but the fact remains that Georgia lost a game they shouldn't have.  Again. 



Anonymous said...

Amen on Crowell getting more touches. Lattimore had 27 carries compared to 16 for Crowell. That is just crazy.

Anonymous said...

biggest sequence of the game was the botched 3rd and 2 in the second quarter from the SC 16, then we miss the FG. Score a TD there and it is 13-0 and we have them on the ropes, instead we let them hang around.

Anonymous said...

Richt horse-collard Wooten when he came back to the sideline from that TD celebration toss. Gave him a littl "talkin-too." It should have been flagged.

JaxDawg said...

Crowell is going to have a huge day this week and we'll take advantage of a super soft schedule for a few weeks and everyone will begin to forget just how pitiful things have been against REAL TEAMS for 3 years now.

Don't be one of the easily fooled -we have the talent to win the SEC and the coaching to win the shit bowl.

Anonymous said...

I'm missing comments on the 2 critical coaching blunders(IMHO). There was no comment on the fact that we didn't call a timeout for the final 3rd down play for Carolina. My thoughts: Call the timeout for that critical play so we can be ready and not overly gassed. Instead we wait for them to line up with 7 seconds left on the play clock and we don't get in position for the quick snap and Lattimore gets the first down. We may not have stopped them anyway, but at least we are ready and we are coached. Second mistake dates back to scouting yourself and review of films from the prior week. I noticed at least 3 times against Boise St. that on punts we turned our back similar to Saturday and were leaving well before a punt. In fact, I told my son I was very surprised that Boise didn't pull a fake. On at least 2 of those punts the Boise punter took 2-3 extra seconds to punt. Review that film and see if you don't agree. Now, Steve Spurrier obviously saw those films like I did. I was convinced we would see a fake punt Saturday because of that. Thus, that was a MAJOR coaching blunder. The effort was great; the preparation better, but little blunders and errors become big in close games, especially when you are losing so many of them.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Aladawg, the punt is probably the fairest assessment of coaching blunders I've seen. I intended to go back and look at the fake punt, but didn't. In fact, the reason I wanted to is my wife actually said watch the fake due to the very thing you noticed. More importantly, it is something we've been doing for many, many years.

Nice catch.

Woodstock Dawg said...

TD - I echo your takeaways. Get Crowell the damn ball! Period! Putting it lightly, Samuel is inept at RB. The defense played well and I was pleasantly surprised by the play of Rambo and Commings. And speaking of the fake punt, did anyone see Richt's clipboard toss as the play unfolded?! Holy sh!t! Now, that was funny. And to see him run his @ss out to retrieve it at midfield before being penalized was even better.

Anonymous said...

Another coaching blunder was that we called a timeout defensively before the fake punt- giving them more time to think about and getting the right personnel on the field to run the fake punt. Our use of timeouts over the years is inexcuseable- we have awful game management when it comes to this- look at the Arkansas game last year in the last minute

Anonymous said...

While we can all agree on Crowell, the issue there is also that Crowell got injured (rib injury) and could only go for two consecutive plays at any one time. Thus, they had to put Samuel back in; I was screaming about this during the game, but, apparently, this was a necessity. I hope Crowell is healed by this weekend and the rest of the way. I'm not happy about it, but, at least, on that coaching blunder, there is a reason.

John R said...

Aaron Murray is not the guy to run this team and one of the main reasons UGA lost. He is so used to having AJ Green make great catches on poorly thrown balls and now he thinks everyone else can do the same. He has made some poor decisions that has cost his team dearly but everyone is harping on the head coach. richt is not perfect and he sure as hell can't make Aaron through the ball to the check down receiver when no one else is open.

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