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September 19, 2011

Georgia - Mississippi State Game Time

I'll have an update when it comes out, but the SEC office has already said their will be no competing games for the two CBS games (3:30 and 8).  All other games will be noon or earlier kickoff. 

I'm guessing the two games will be some combination of Alabama at Florida (which is a near mortal lock for one of the CBS slots), Texas A&M at Arkansas (at Jerry World in Dallas), Auburn at South Carolina (SECCG rematch), and Mississippi State at Georgia.  Just looking at that list, I don't see any way CBS picks the UGA game over both of those other two games without ESPN doing some serious late season horse trading to get the other games.

So, I'm going with Noon on ESPN. 


UPDATE: Noon on Fox Sports South, per the SEC. 


JJBA said...

Oh the glory days of five to six 3:30 kickoffs a year. Knowshon even said that Georgia initially grabbed his attention because they were always on CBS. This year we are looking at 1 CBS game and very possibly the next 4 games will be 12:21 or earlier.

Skeptic Dawg said...

That is what happens when you follow a 6-7 season with a 1-2 start. Welcome to CMR's world of irrelevancy.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Yeah, this game was doomed for the noon kickoff from the start. I thought, foolishly, ESPN might do some horse trading to get a better matchup later in the season, allowing this game to move to one of the CBS spots.

'Bama at Florida and Texas A&M at Arkansas, in this season, will almost always trump Miss State at Georgia. Auburn at SC is the hold up in the 6 day, due to the rematch of last year's SECCG. That and the possibility Arkansas could get beat by 'Bama by 25 and TAMU by Okie State by 25.

Skeptic Dawg said...

On the bright side, we can watch all of the late games with zero interruption! Go Dawgs?

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