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September 19, 2011

SEC Power Poll

1. LSU - The Tigers dominating defense give them the luxurious option to play conservative offense.  With their ability to run between the tackles and throw effectively at short and medium range, their offense doesn't need big plays, just moderately competent offense.  That's good because that's the offense they have.
2. Alabama - Everything I said about LSU applies to Bama.  LSU has just beaten better teams.
3. Arkansas - We'll find out if this spot is justified Saturday.  The Hawgs are, on paper, better than everyone that follows, but the loss of Knile Davis takes a big weapon away from them that they need in conference play. 
4. South Carolina - They're lucky they have an absolute beast at tailback because they are not getting much production from the rest of their offense. 
5. Florida - The Gators looked solid at home against UT, whose biggest offensive weapon was hurt on the first drive.
6. Auburn - Auburn's chances this year rest solely with Gus Malzahn because they can't stop people. 
7. Mississippi State - State has, it appears to me, four plays.  Those four moved the ball some on LSU, but this team will go only as far as Relf can carry them. 
8. Georgia - The Dawgs are building momentum, but need to beat someone. 
9. Vanderbilt - A junior version of the LSU/Bama model, just not nearly as talented. 
10. Tennessee - The loss of Justin Hunter is huge, removing the biggest offensive threat from UT's offensive arsenal.  It still appears to me that UT is just too young or too thin to compete over the long haul.  They have some nice pieces, but the overall product is wobbly.
11. Kentucky - Talk about wobbly.  UK has looked like their old selves for three weeks.  Better get it figured out this week which starts a run of three ranked opponents, two on the road.
12. Ole Miss - Thumped by Vandy.  Need to show up this weekend at home as the Nutt administration continues it crumble. 



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