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September 9, 2011

South Carolina: 3 Questions

What I am thinking headed down the Atlanta Highway:
  1. Can we unbog the nohuddlehuddle offense?  For those that complain that the no huddle doesn't give the defense time to recover, I say it wasn't like we were really pushing the tempo.  Our time of possession wasn't appreciably different than when we ran the pro set.  If the no huddle is to work, at least the way Bobo envisions it, that has to change. Give Murray some options. Or even more provocatively, call a couple of plays from the same set/personnel groupings and see what magic will happen.
  2. Can the offensive get more dynamic?  We might have gone to the shotgun spread, but we are running the same basic plays.  The advantage in giving up the FB is creating mismatches due to the number of potential receivers on any play. We didn't use that advantage, at all, against Boise.  Either we have to do that or find a way to get the FB involved again, if for no other reason than blocking.
  3. Can the defense effectively pressure whichever SC QB is in to make them rely on Lattimore? Based on what we saw against Boise, I feel like our rushing D is much, much better than it was last year.  How much of that is gone with Ogletree gone, I don't know.  We held a team that rushed for 200+ypg last season with the same personnel to 129 yards.  Martin averaged 6.3ypc last year and only 2.4 in the Dome.  I didn't think I'd be typing this three weeks ago, but if we can force them to beat us with the run, I like our chances.* 
I honestly think playing competently, making plays when they present themselves, keeping Murray upright, and bringing pressure gives us a legit chance to win. Play like we just got into town and are wowed by pretty jerseys, then it could be ugly early.


*I reserve the right to change that answer on Sunday.  That is how crazy I think that statement is.  Still, I keep thinking about the Boise game and watching SC try to run against ECU and this is what I come up with.


JaxDawg said...

It's ironic that Spurrier, of all people, could march his little team into Athens and should they destroy us, be the coach that effectively cost Richt his job.


Anonymous said...

Your optimistic outlook is eerily similar to most other optimistic outlooks expressed on the road to losing 9 of our past 11 to ranked teams.

Tyler Dawgden said...

A blind hog has to find an acorn occasionally, right?

Scott said...

Answer to #1 and #2 is NO, not as long as Bobo is the OC.

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