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September 29, 2011

Stat Worth Watching

Figgins on the move, something I hope we'll see against MSU (Image: Hipple)
Digging around, looking at Mississippi State's season, something really jumped out at me.  Teams are completing 71% of pass attempts against them.  It isn't as if they have faced a low number of attempts, as they are in the middle of the pack in that regard.

Considering the need to get the ball delivered quickly and the speed of the Bizzaro Dawg's defense, it wouldn't surprise me to see Georgia focus more on Orson and screen passes to establish a short passing game.  I hope Bobo doesn't forget that running past speed rushers and swing passes are another way to neutralize that threat.

How do you think Georgia is doing if Murray is 14/19 at the half with 103 yards?



Anonymous said...

How many of those QB's have Raccoon hands like Murray?? ;)

Ryno said...

14/19 for 103 yards? Poorly.
Would like to see that total exceed 150 with at least one touchdown and we could dance in the streets.

Tyler Dawgden said...

That is what I think, too. Unless three of those are 7 yard TD passes

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