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October 3, 2011

3 Questions Answered: Mississippi State

Now, that is a win. Am I right? Anyone?
  1. Does last year's loss, and all the malaise that resulted from it, play into the game this year? Not sure if it was last year's game or the non-sense at the beginning of the game, but Georgia hit the field ready to play.  This game wasn't in doubt after Crowell got jobbed ran out of bounds, but he made the State defense look stooopid on his run.  As strong a defensive effort as we have seen in many, many years.  We Boboed℠ them in the second half, so the score wasn't as pretty as we'd have liked. Domination Defense was the phrase of the day.
  2. Can we make Relf look like he did against LSU? Yes.  Oh, hell yes.  
  3. Can we game plan competently enough on offense to counteract Mississippi State's very active defense? Murray still got hit a lot.  His first half was good, not great, but still good.  Mississippi State's D got snookered time and again on play action and also had a hard time figuring out if we were running inside or outside.  
Obviously, this is a different quality win than Ole Miss.  Not to say we'll put together another game like this again, but if we play defense like we did on Saturday the rest of the season, there isn't a game we won't be in.  

Boboed℠  and Boboing℠  are service marks of The Georgia Sports Blog.  Boboed is the service of frustrating the shit out of Georgia fans in the second half of games using extremely conservative play calling when holding a 8+ point lead with Todd Grantham smiling because his defense isn't going to give up points, bitch.


Anonymous said...

Boboing - calling a 3 yard out on a 3 and 9...

Anonymous said...

I heart Malcolm Mitchell.

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