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October 3, 2011

Tennessee and Vandy TV Info Announced

Two TV notes for Football:

-ESPN2 will air the 7pm Eastern game between Tennessee and Georgia this week (Per the SEC official website).
-Fox Sport South will air the 7pm Eastern kickoff in Nashville between Vandy and Georgia (Per

For those out there that think Georgia's recent run of noon and 1pm kickoffs is solely because of the quality of football, well...this is my response.  It might make it easier to get the request to play early approved, but there is still a request coming from somewhere.



Anonymous said...

The game times for games on TV are mostly controlled by the networks. As much as everyone wants to believe that Mikey Adams is behind it, the networks don't really give a rip what he wants (and they shouldn't have to, considering how much they pay the SEC).

Now, the games not on TV (like Coastal Carolina) are an entirely different matter.

David Jones said...

There is really only one week-in-and-week out noon game: the 12:20 game on the SEC Network.

Except for twice a year when CBS takes a doubleheader, the SEC package of ESPN games is loaded on 7 pm and 8 pm kick-offs. Last week was one of those doubleheaders, which is why we had so many noon kick-offs across the conference (no other SEC TV games allowed to compete with CBS games).

This weekend is more typical (in rough order of prestige):

3:30 CBS: LSU vs. Florida

7:00 ESPN: Auburn at Arkansas

7:00 ESPN2: Georgia at Tennessee

7:00 ESPNU: Vandy at Bama

12:20 SEC Network: UK at South Carolina

Noon FSS: Mississippi State at UAB (CUSA TV-contract agreement since UAB is home team)

Erik said...

Anon 3:34,

You bring up something that has bothered me for a while - the start times for games not picked up by TV. We take 1 or 2 of the 6 or 7 days a year that we have to really show off the program and we reduce the amount of enthusiasm about the day as much as possible by starting the game(s) at 1pm (like we did for Coastal Carolina and will likely do for New Mexico State).

I've heard a number of excuses for it over the years but have yet to hear anything that rightfully justifies it if you care about the health of the program more than your own selfish reasons. Next year, we may have 3 non-TV games (Buffalo, Florida Atlantic, and Georgia Southern). We'll be minimizing the game day atmosphere for 3 of the 7 home games. Why?

If it were my call, I'd do something like this:
- start September non-TV games at 7pm (to help with the heat)
- start October non-TV games at 5pm
- start November non-TV games at 3pm

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