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November 28, 2011

3 Questions Answered: Georgia Tech

  1. Can the defense stand up to the big play threat? I'd say we did ok here.  We held them ~100 yards below their rushing average and well under their total yards per game average.  They only got off one long pass play and 7 or so runs of longer than 8 yards.  We held them to 4.6 yp rush, over a yard per rush below their season average.  
  2. Passing Play competence? 19-29-1 vs 6-17-2; 252 vs 112; 4 tds vs 0 tds.  We only got smoked on one pass play. Murray could have been 24-29.  9 Bulldogs caught a pass in the game. This was a resounding yes.
  3. How much are we looking ahead to the Dome? I admit I bought into the drivel being spouted at ESPN, CBS Sports, CFN, AJC, Fox Sports, SI and the troll that kept emailing me.  I was worried we'd be focused elsewhere.  I was so wrong.  
I think this win is so much sweeter because a loss might have taken away all the good juju we've gained from the win streak.  Lose to Tech this year and the whole 'Georgia is a product of the schedule' meme continues. I am much happier with the 'Tech must be mediocre because they lost to Georgia' meme.


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