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November 20, 2011

3 Questions Answered: Kentucky

The biggest question is answered: Georgia wins the East.
  1. Will the Dawgs avoid the seemingly endless mistakes against Kentucky? The short answer is no.  There was let down.  We stopped the one wheel route they tried to run and the game didn't really feel like it was in doubt, but we also played a whole different game than we did last week.  The defense played really well, especially after half time. Gotta say Grantham has to be in the Broyles discussion for his half time adjustments. The offense looked out of sync and Murray was under way too much pressure from a team that came in near the bottom of the conference in sacks. 
  2. Can we get better? Welcome back, Blair Walsh. Our fourth string RB ran for 100+ yards. We didn't give up any really long kickoff or punt returns.  About that pass blocking.....
  3. Can we get to the 4th Quarter and coast on the running game? Yes.  And the run blocking improved significantly as the game wore on. That is both coaching and conditioning.  
As PWD said yesterday, 'of course we were flat; it was Kentucky with everything on the line'. I have to agree.  The upside is we won playing the worse game we have brought since the first week of the season, at least from a ready to play hard stand point.  

We won the East.  We will get blown out of the Dome with the game we played yesterday. Thankfully, I think that is the last time we'll see this kind of game this season.


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