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November 1, 2011

Florida Review

So, it has been three days and 300 miles.  I did re-watch it, but didn't get too much more from the experience, except the abject joy of seeing disappointed Gator fans leaving the stadium.

The Good:

  • The defense.
  • Honk your horn if you sacked Brantley Saturday night.
  • Jarvis Jones, honk your horn a bunch.  
  • Bullgoat sized balls on three different must have play calls: Two fourth down TD passes and Murray's first completion in 10 attempts for first down to keep a drive alive.
  • A manhood robbing 9 play, 58 yard, 5:32 drive to end the game.
  • Give Richard Samuel a high four for his best rushing game, not statistically, but actually, of his career.  He ran hard, with purpose and looked to punish the defense.  That is what we've been looking for from you Mr. Samuel.  
  • Offensive line's run blocking.  
  • Aaron Murray running the football.
  • Michael Gilliard quietly leading the team in tackles. Again.
  • The defense. 
  • Georgia playing like they own the series, probably for the first time since 1989.
The Bad:
  • Drew's punting.  Gotta have you back, big guy.
  • Allowing a TD on 4th and 19.  Ogletree had a monster game, but no way you can allow a receiver to get that open on that play.
  • Falling for the one play you knew they would run to open the game.  Mad props on keeping it from happening again.
  • QB and receivers not on the same page.  I get some of that is the clown cop car full of WRs we keep pulling into the stadium (we've had 17 players, approximately 1/5th of the roster, catch a pass this season; we have five guys with double digit receptions), however, when it happens on back to back plays from inside the opponent's 20, that has to be fixed.
  • I toyed with putting Walsh's performance further down, but his problems are fixable.  He is getting plenty of leg on the ball, he is just pushing it right.  Consistently.  
The Ugly:
  • Scary special teams play.
  • Kickoff coverage.  Just have Walsh kick it out of bounds.  I agree with Blutarsky that it was worse on TV.  Guys didn't contain lanes, and even worse, ran to a spot on the field and stopped.  
  • I miss Fabris [insert sounds of power puking]. 
I am sure I missed some good and bad stuff.  Overall, I am always happy with a win in Jacksonville.  To me the most impressive thing of this game was coaching.  We outcoached the Gators.  We played like a team that never thought it was going to lose.  We played hard, made defensive and offensive adjustments to win.

When is the last time you could say that at all?



MLT said...

I really think Walsh worked on his leg strength to get more yardage on his kickoffs and it's adversely effected his FGs. I'm not a kicking expert but it just seems like every kick is pushed right which could stem from too much leg.

Anonymous said...

"Georgia playing like they own the series, probably for the first time since 1989."

That's a pretty stupid thing to say. 2007 and 1997 come to mind.

Ginny said...

You hit on what I've been most pleased with in our wins this season: mental edge and in-game adjustments. That along with strong fundamentals are the core reasons for our bounce back IMO. Someone on Blutasrky's blog mentioned also that the team is playing with a different kind of "swagger" than we saw in the 2007 soulja boy team. A smarter kind of swagger. I have to agree.

Anonymous said...


You failed to mention on your second bullet point under "The Bad", Bicardi Rambone standing there lost in the center of the field. He was supposed to be the over top help Safety for the LB covering the Wide, instead, he stood there trapped on the under...Biccari makes a lot of plays, but he also blows a lot of coverages..Thats why Shawn Williams is the 1st stinger

Scott said...

"I miss Fabris [insert sounds of power puking]."

Even the guys on CBS commented something along the lines of that Georgia should spend some money and buy a special teams coach. Not Fabris, but find someone who will coach these kids up!

Anonymous said...

How bout under the ugly how the coaches failed to realize that our strength is running the football until mid 4th quarter? Its unbelievable that we have the biggest oline in all of football and we dont run the football out of the I consistently. Instead, we line up in the shotgun and pass 75% of the time. The coaching is still horrible. we just beat a bad florida team.

having said that, any win against the gaytors is a good thing and im glad the dawgs came out on top.

Anonymous said...

The 4th and 19 conversion was both Ogletree and Rambo's fault. Ogletree got beat by the TE, but Rambo was supposed to be helping on the play and was completely out of position. Undisciplined play by Rambo. Very clear on the ESPN replay. He should know better by now.

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