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November 9, 2011

From Hunter to Hunted

Smith scores vs. NMSU (Image: Hipple)

Just a quick observation, it feels good to be the hunted again. We go into this weekend with something to win, as opposed to playing spoiler. Much can be made about the mind set of playing when you are playing for something, rather than playing to ruin something for someone else. Now, don't get me wrong, beating Auburn, Florida and Tech always feels good. But for the past few seasons, it has seemed we are 'playing for pride' or looking to knock them off.

Now, they'll be looking to knock us off.

It feels good to play for something more tangible again, to have a late season game that means more to us to win than it hurts someone else to lose. Amiright?


Anonymous said...

Right. And certainly redundant.

Russ for UGA IX in '11 said...

Georgia is going to start the season in the dome against Boise and end the season in a different dome against Boise!

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