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November 11, 2011

It is all about the schedule

You know, something that has stuck in my craw all year has been pundits harping on Georgia's schedule as the only reason they have done anything.  I am happy to grant that not facing LSU and 'Bama this season is a boon.  I will not grant that Georgia's play is a result of facing the other teams in the SEC West.

I don't remember anyone talking about Tennessee, for example, winning the SEC East in 2007 while only facing one team facing no one in the West that finished above .500 in the conference.  However, Tennessee did the one thing they had to do to win the East: Win ballgames.

Oh, and I'm working on the assumption that if Georgia wins tomorrow, Auburn becomes one of those mediocre teams that Georgia has played this year.

Here's to me getting mad about that on Monday.


Anonymous said...

In 2007, LSU lost to Arky...combined SEC record was 7-9.

UGA lost to Tenn and SC...combined SEC record was 9-7.

However, LSU was more 'deserving' of the national championship game because they made it to the SEC championship game due to the fact that their losses were to WORSE teams and Georgia did not due to the fact that they lost to a better team and thus the tie-breaker came into play.

LSU was rewarded for losing to worse 2011, we are being criticized for not playing better teams. In 2006, Herbie didn't think it mattered that Michigan didn't win their 2007, the only thing that mattered was that LSU won their conference.

I guess my point is...the only way to get rid of the schedule issues is to have a playoff...otherwise, you can't be held to who you don't play, only who you play.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Is this Dan Wetzel?

Anonymous said...

When we beat LSU in the championship game too many of our own fans will say, "I didn't know LSU sucked so bad."

todd said...

If people are being cautious about UGA's 7 game win streak because of the opposition that's understandable because I'm certainly in that camp. But we can't fully judge a team until every game is played. Should UGA beat Auburn and GT those will be decent wins that other more esteemed teams are now counting as "big" wins i.e. Ark and VT.

But I'm glad that you pointed out the example of Tennessee in 2007 who had an extremely easy schedule compared to UGA and UF. Also, I don't remember anyone crying for UGA in 2008 and 2009 when UGA was playing two of the toughest schedules in the country including Alabama, LSU, OK St., in addition to our normal schedule.

We didn't create this. We didn't cause Tennessee to make two of the dumbest hires in the last 10 years of the SEC. We didn't cause UF to go into a tailspin partially due to off the field issues, a failure to recruit depth along the lines of scrimmage, and a hire that was only slightly better than TN's. Those are their issues, not our's.

So will UGA be given uber credit when 2013 rolls around and we're in the middle of another run against LSU, Alabama, plus Clemson?

Anonymous said...

in '08 we played the '06 MNC, the '07 MNC, the '08 MNC, the '09 MNC and the '10 MNC.

i.e. we played every one of the past/future/present MNCs of the 5 years surrounding '08. That's a LOT of fire power we saw and experience or talent and NO ONE cried for us. They only complained that we underachieved.

Schedule does matter and like Boise State, we can only play who is on it!!

Anonymous said...

These angles are all brought up by who they want in the big game and it changes every year. It always sounds as though it goes against UGA but that is the homer in me.

As far as this year goes why does nobody bring up Alabama's schedule.

Yes granted they destroyed all the teams they were supposed but they were weak competition (PSU is not as good as its record indicates and they were losing their remaining games regardless of the events) other than Arkansas and their loss to LSU. That same scheduling cost AU several years back but this year nobody mentions the scheduling of inferior competition. By the end of the season they will have only played two ranked teams.

Hell, Ohio St won a MNC by barely beating 13 teams and got all the props. I guess you just gotta be the flavor of the month to get some love, Maybe its our turn in 2012!

Go Dawgs!!!

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