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November 8, 2011

"Jasper was down!"

I only post this to give Dawgnoxious a chance to use one of his favorite lines.

(h/t @ThinkingBulldog)


Dawgnoxious said...

Jasper was down! And here's why the 1999 Jasper "fumble" call was way, way worse than the Reid interception.

Reid's interception was a close call. Close calls can go either way. Maybe it was closer to a Bama reception, but at least there's room for argument.

There's no room for argument (or comparison) to the 1999 game. The 1999 call was probably the worst I'll ever see in my lifetime because they blew the blown call. If the official blows the call correctly, Dawgs win.

Either it's a live ball or its not. If Jasper was down, the ball is dead. If he fumbled, then when Tech recovered the fumble and tried to run it out, tackling Tech the endzone is a safety. But the official ruled a fumble, then ruled no safety. WELL, JUST SHOOT ME IN THE FACE WHILE YOU'RE AT IT. The referee couldn't even screw up correctly.

But as you can see, I'm totally over that 1999 game. Oh, and suck it up Bama. You didn't get beat by the officials. You missed three field goals at home.

Anonymous said...

The Reid interception was 100% the correct call. You CAN'T have duel possession until you establish possession. Meaning the offensive player has to have touched the ground for it to be ruled a catch, and once the receiver touched the ground in play, Reid already took the football. That being said, I'm glad the refs got it right on the field and replay for once. That call chances more than a football game.

j.leonardjr said...

I have SCREAMED about the Jasper/Tech fumble call for years too. Fine, you rule a fumble but then UGA should have recorded a safety.

I didn't remember it as UGA tackling the Tech player in the end zone though. I thought the Tech player picked the ball up outside the end zone and then ran backwards into the end zone where he took a knee. This would still be a safety because his momentum didn't carry him into the end zone. He purposely ran backwards.

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