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November 26, 2011

Last Minute Thoughts on Tech

As we work inside of two drinks and a walker to gametime, a couple of random thoughts keep going through my head:

* The Munson factor. I don't know what the Tech officialdom has planned, but I expect the fans to be usually classless.  How does that motivate our fans and team?  I have no worries about us playing flat, strangely enough, but I worry we'll be too amped up and make poor decisions that result in drive killers or sustainers.  Hopefully, we'll play all business like.
* What will knowing LSU is the opponent next week mean? Tech actually provides a very good example of playing assignment defense, something that will be useful against a Jordan Jefferson led O.  I think knowing this provides extra incentive to play well, both from a beating a rival standpoint and a silence the critics standpoint. 

Overall, I'm trending hopeful. The more I think about the game, the more I like the matchup in the trenches. Keep Murray upright, run effectively, and keep Tech from the big play, we should take care of business. 



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