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November 27, 2011

Let the Belittlement Begin (from an Unlikely Source)

This week is going to be a constant belittling of UGA.  LSU is really, really good and no one who doesn't own red pants will believe Georgia can even make it a close game.  The Tigers just beat the #3 ranked team by 24 and have only been challenged once this year despite playing one of the more difficult out-of-conference schedules for an SEC team in recent memory.  We get it.  We're facing an impossible task and are supposed to get embarrassed because we aren't really any good and haven't played anyone.  I expect those stories all week long.  But, does the New York Times have to go so far as to argue that our mascot is a breed of dog so inbred and physically flawed that it can't continue to exist?
Uga is featured prominently, as shown by the article's illustration of a melting dog above. 



Anonymous said...

The NYT is absolutely correct. The Seilers have turned our mascot into an abomination. It's embarrassing and cruel.

Anonymous said...

^You sir, are a fool. The Seiler's are not responsible for the developement of the entire breed.

Michael said...

The time has long since passed to move away from the Seiler's holding us hostage with their stranglehold on who is our mascot.

Whenever it is time for a new UGA, anyone in the fanbase should be able to present applicants in the 1-3 year old range. Have a vet examine the dogs, do background checks on the owners, and sign a contract for them to let UGA adopt the dog.

Anonymous said...

There is no belittlement as you so phrase it. Just a statement of fact. LSU has played a difficult schedule and has won every game. UGA has played a "suspect" schedule and lost to the only good team(Boise) and fairly good team (SC) that it played. The rest of UGA's schedule, through no fault of UGA, happened to consist of a bunch of losers. Lucky for Richt. I have watched every game UGA played and I do not think that UGA can beat LSU. I think LSU's defense will shut UGA's offense down and cause Murray great difficulty. If UGA plays their best, it may not be an embarassment, but, if not, it will be very ,very ugly. I think LSU is just too physical for UGA. Look for Miles to run up the score like he did against Petrino.

Scott said...

The first anonymous commenter is too insecure with him or herself to stand up for the comment without hiding its identity. If you have convictions, stand up for them and identify yourself.

That being said, I would guess that the most cared for, watched over bulldog in the world is Uga or his replacements, like Russ. With Georgia having one of the world's best Vet Med schools, I don't see how Georgia's beloved mascot doesn't get anything less than the best treatment.

I read the NYT article. Yes, there may be an indictment of how the Bulldog breed has evolved, but using the evolution of Uga was nothing more than sensationalism to catch attention. Using Uga, the world's favorite and most beloved mascot, allows the Times and its writer to bring attention to their story.

The article has a valid point that can be seen in the short-term evolution. But if you look at other breeds, there are issues as well. Where is the article about how French Poodles are bread for thicker hair and smaller bodies at the expense of a surly temperament? Where's the article about the Shar-Pei being in-bread for many years to make them fighting dogs with an even worse temperament than American Pit Bull Terrier, whose aggressiveness is in their training and not naturally.

Given the high profile of the Uga line, I have no doubt that the Seilers are doing the right thing by those dogs. I do not subscribe to any allegation that they or anyone else is being cruel to those dogs. Anyone that says so is basically talking out of their own personal agenda without checking on the facts.

Finally, when the Seilers decide who should become Uga IX, I will cheer for him as I cheered for every bulldog that walked the Georgia sidelines in the past knowing that it is probably the best cared for bulldog in the world. And if that doesn't satisfy PETA, who called for an end to the use of live bulldogs as Georgia's mascot even going so far as to suggest an animatronic dog as a replacement, then they can kiss my red and black @$$!

Anonymous said...

The Seiler's are great people, leave them out of this. The breed has been prized for its look for years, the Seiler's do not inbreed.

Anonymous said...

Good breeders always go for certain traits, one of which is longevity. They will look at the lines that have faired best through the years and not breed closely back into their own lines. True breeders, like the Seilers know more about traits and lineage than a New York Dog Show or newspaper could begin to calculate.

Example: English Pointers are bred for show and as gun-dogs. The field trained gun-dogs are bred for nose and brains while show dogs are bred for phenotypic breed characteristics to show well for judges.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing more dangerous or unpredictable than a team with nothing to lose. I coached small college football for over 20 years and know. Read all the stats. and watch all the film you want but expect to be startled on Saturday in the dome. Georgia may not win but LSU is about to get the game they have been dreading all year and they won't look so much like #1 by the end of the 4th quarter.

PatinDC said...

I don't think the Sielers are hurting the Bulldogs, but I do think the whole breed is in trouble. The nuber two dog in the picture should be the goal. It looks healty and playful.

The AKC standards are ruining all pure bred dogs in the US.

Steve said...

We need to be taking a serious look at non-Seiler dogs. Regardless of how you want to spin it, the last 2 Seiler dogs have been VERY unhealthy. You could even make the argument that Uga VI was somewhat unhealthy as well, seeing as how he was too heavy.

Why should we continue to limit ourselves? This is crazy.

Anonymous said...

The Seilers are in it for the Seilers. Bank on that.

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