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November 7, 2011

Sad Irony

When your loyalty, the same loyalty that has gotten you famous, gets you fired.

For a very sad example, see Paterno, Joseph Vincent.

PWD Update: How do you witness this happening and not bust into the shower and rescue the victim. I'm blown away by that. Repeatedly people saw the alleged happen and didn't stop the event itself or whip Sandusky's ass.


Anonymous said...

Joe Pa needs to be gone. He is just as much a part of the cover up as the AD and the other senior administrator. Their behavior is flat out disgusting.

I can't remember what I read about the school president's involvement, so I'll refrain from commenting on him either way.

Anonymous said...

Why is Joe Pa saying he is "shocked" when, at the very least, he knew about an alleged incident 9 years ago?

Also, when that type of allegation is made against someone who was a key member of your staff for 30 years and the act happened in the football showers and all you do is report it to the're guilty as hell of helping to cover it up.

He needs to go ahead and play the senility card. That's the only way he's getting out of this one.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Agree with PWD. I didn't know the depth of the issue until I read the Grand Jury's Report. Dude.

Paterno never survives this.

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