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November 23, 2011

SEC Championship Game Cutoffs Announced

Hartman Fund Contributor Tickets - in an attempt to provide tickets to as many Hartman Fund contributors as possible, the following ticket limits were implemented.
6 tickets: All contributors who ordered with a cumulative score of 100,000 and higher will receive up to 6 tickets.
4 tickets: All contributors who ordered with a cumulative score between 52,500-99,999 will receive up to 4 tickets.
2 tickets: All contributors who ordered with a cumulative score between 12,050-52,499 will receive up to 2 tickets.
They were higher than I would have though.



Anonymous said...

Students have to have 98 or more credit hours and can only get one ticket each. Go. Dawgs.

Anonymous said...

Higher than I would've thought too! I thought I'd get 2 bit it's not meant to be...

Anonymous said...

I know a lot of seniors that did not receive tickets. Its crazy.

Anonymous said...

Count me among the disappointed. I suspect the bowl tickets will be easier.

Kevin said...

I think this is why the cut-off was so high -- they gave away 40k tickets to sponsors and other groups.

From the Ticket Office email:
The SEC is responsible for the Football Championship ticket procedures.
32,000 tickets (16,000 per school) are allocated to the participating
institutions. The SEC distributes the remaining tickets to SEC office,
sponsors, suites, Georgia Dome lease holders and SEC Championship season ticket holders.

Anonymous said...

I wish ppl could understand that the athletic department has NOTHING to do with the amount of tix we get from the Dome. Its 15,900 to each school each year!....its a contracted amount. 16k seat is nothing when you think about all that needs to be accomodated- players, coaches, band, cheerleaders, own sponsors that pay our bills. I think the AA did a damn good job trying to spread the wealth around.... and stay fair to the larger donors.

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