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December 5, 2011

3 Questions Answered: LSU

Well, yeah, you see, what it was was, yeah.
  1. Will our coaches coach like they need the win? For a half, they did. The on sides kick was pure evil Richt genius. Bobo had the defense on their heels. Grantham's D looked like they had the playbook. Then half time came, and Bobo got scared, Grantham's D looked like he didn't think they would actually run the ball. We kicked to the Honey Badger. Just an increadible turn of events. Some certainly can be attributed the the level of talent and coaching on the other side of the field. Some has to be attributed to Georgia's coaches getting out adjusted at the half. 
  2. Can we run the ball? "I don't want to talk about the running backs." Me either coach.
  3. Can the defense stand toe to toe with them? Well, we held them to less than 20 yards in the first half. They only gained 237 total, so they had an average 2nd half.  Still, the defense got gashed on the rush in the second half.  Not sure if (or maybe 'why') Jefferson needed to pass in the second half.  Talent wise, we are very close to them, especially in our starting 14 or 15 rotation. We are a progressing towards LSU in execution and coaching.  We are not there yet.  
Give LSU their due. They won the line of scrimmage in the second half and put points on the board when we no longer could. That is the mark of a great football team.


Anonymous said...

Depth of talent. If we played a game where you had to play your starting 11 on each side and no more -- barring injury -- we'd hang with anyone including LSU. They don't have better talent, just more talent.
Absence of battering ram RB (much less 4 of them). If I had a magic wand, I'd wave it and replay that game with us having their RBs and them having ours (as much as it would pain me to let IC go). I'd just like to see how big a difference that one change would make.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the above comment. This game was about depth, depth, and depth. Our starters are about as good as theirs. The issue is that their 2nd and 3rd string guys are about as good as their starters and we have significant drop off particularly on the O-line which is why they were able to wear us down during the game.
Bobo's play calling after the 1st quarter was absolutely horrible. Every series seemed like 2 draws up the middle, pass on 3rd and long, punt. Bobo needed to manufacture a running game to keep them honest using quick slants and the like with the understanding that we could not run up the middle. Instead, he put us into clear passing situations where the could blitz the hell out of us. This lead to both Murray's fumble and the punt return TD (had to try to kick it a mile and out kicked the coverage). I think we probably lose anyway because they are that good, but the game certainly would have been closer.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Couldn't agree more. Depth and they have a plethora of SEC capable backs...and we have the Doobie Brothers.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Heh. Doobie Brothers. +1

mdhenshaw said...

I disagree about Bobo. UGA had a narrow window in the first half to score points. We're a one dimensional offense. Once that was established we weren't going to move the ball on LSU. Plus, with bad field position were weren't going sling it around.

No team scored more than 21 points on LSU all season. When LSU made it 21-10 the game was effectively over and our defense basically played that way.

If we had caught passes the game would have been 21-0 and our defense could have held them. We didn't catch and offense/special teams made too many mistakes.

That's the team we've been all season and the reason we're 10-3.

Anonymous said...

Doobie Brothers +999999!!!!

Hunkering Hank said...

The game was about Georgia's coaching staff letting up off the gas - again - and receivers blowing relatively straight-forward touchdown plays. Thereafter, the mojo was dead.

Les said after the game that he thought about pulling the qb, going with the backup, and just throwing it when he was down 10. That probably happens if LSU is down 21. Didn't happen.

After that, well, we got trucked by a physically dominating, motivated team.

Rambo needs to have his shoulder pads taken away. You don't need those to run alongside a running back.

Bourbon Dawgwalker said...

Gotta agree with the above sentiment, depth. We were trotting out the same linemen on offense and defense and they were trotting out a rotation of 7-10 guys on either side of the ball with little drop off. No amount of conditioning makes up for have refreshed and talented bodies to throw at someone. The depth also showed up on special teams, where we were trotting out talented freshman and some hard working walk-ons, they were trotting out 1st and 2nd teamers that could start for most teams in the country.
I know a lot of people are shitting on Crowell, but watch his 3rd quarter runs and tell me his ankle wasn't a factor, he had no pop or ability to push off of it. He may be soft, but I think he had a legitimate ankle injury that kept him from being as productive as he could have been otherwise. Without Richard Samuel, Carlton Thomas, or a healthy IC I think Bobo went ultra conservative b/c he knew we couldn't run it and he was afraid of getting Murray killed in pass protection.

NRBQ said...

Look a little closer at UGA's personnel on ST, Bourbon.

On one kick, I saw Tree, Commings and Herrera all in on the tackle.

Take away Goldilocks' TD return, which should have been for -10 yards, and the coverage was a lot closer to respectable.

Anonymous said...

Mike Bobo sucks... sucks,sucks,sucks. he couldn't manage my luggage. Fire him, hire an actual OC, not an over rated QB Coach and things will improve. There not much else to debate.

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