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December 2, 2011

3 Questions: LSU

I hope we a lot of this Saturday (Image: Hipple)
  1. Will our coaches coach like they need the win? If LSU is to be beaten, we have to keep them off balance. We need to figure out what we can exploit on their defense and use it like our best opening line at a singles convention. We can't be afraid to run a fake punt, if the situation warrants it. We can't allow the LSU QBs the time to drop back and find receivers without bringing pressure from multiple places. We have to take shots down field and get those CBs and safeties away from the running lanes. Can we make half time adjustments that'll provide opportunity for the win in the 4th Q?
  2. Can we run the ball? We don't have to run it much, but we have to make them respect that we can when we need to. Yes, we'll have to throw to win. We also have to run some to throw it. If we get 4+ yards per carry and the average number of carries, we'll have set new highs against LSU's defense for ypc and rushing yards in a game (~160 yards). If more than 50 of those yards come in the 4th Q, Georgia wins.
  3. Can the defense stand toe to toe with them? For all national whine about how ugly the LSU-Alabama game was, we SEC fans understand this: defense wins championships. The LSU-Alabama game might not be as exciting as a WACtastic match up like Oregon vs. Stanford. For my money, it is way more compelling. I don't think we'll be in a 9-6 ball game, but if we are very low scoring and close, I like our chances.  
Simple, huh? Just control the line of scrimmage, don't make mistakes and coach brave like bull. No problem.


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