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December 1, 2011

First Thoughts on LSU

We'll see some of this Saturday (Image: Hipple)
Well, it's Thursday. I've avoided putting this in words for long enough:  I think we are going to beat LSU on Saturday.

I know, it looks crazy on paper. It sounds crazier when you say it out loud. Hell, the voices in my head say it is crazy. I still think that is what will happen. Why?

Paul hit on it earlier. We're going to hit that one time. LSU is more talented. LSU is better coached. LSU has played more tough opponents. LSU has more maturity. LSU has more All-(fill in the blank) players. LSU has faced more adversity. But there is one thing LSU hasn't faced since Alabama: A game with impact. For ten weeks, we have played with everything on the line.

Others have gotten into match ups, but the one I keep coming back to is our offensive line versus their defensive line. I think we'll see some new plays, plays designed to keep them honest on the run blitz and plays that will help freeze the LB blitz and hard press rush from Mingo and Montgomery. I think we will be the only SEC team to score more than one offensive TD on them. I think we'll do that by halftime. Long live the no-huddle slow down offense.

Make no mistake about this, though. Murray has to be on his game. He has to take the hits and keep on going. Also, Bobo has to call the game of his life, not be afraid of letting Murray exploit the one place we will be able to (the one on one coverage Mitchell, Bennett, Charles and/or King will be getting), and take whatever they give. I don't think we will win on a fluke, either. I think we win the same way we won several times. We play strong defense, especially against the rush, get just enough points to make them get out of their comfort zone offensively, then basically play keep away for a quarter.

Finally, I'll address the sky is falling voices in my brain later. I know we have to not fumble, not give up a fake punt for a TD, or throw the Honey Badger a ball in the flats. I just feel good, right now, about none of those things happening.



dawggonit said...

Irrational exuberance. Hope springs eternal! Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

The one "oops" I can't shake is the vision of the Honey Badger running a punt back, but maybe we're mentally tough enough now to overcome it -- if it happens.

Ginny said...

I can agree with that assessment. I also agree with those that are saying the dawgs are playing with house money. We really have nothing to lose. I think that'll enable us to play loose and with confidence. And I think Jarvis Jones is ready to rip someone's head off, which is always fun.

Anonymous said...

We have no shot unless we can run the ball reasonably effectively. Crowell needs to get at least 15-20 carries and average at least 4 yards per carry. Just don't see any of our other backs being much of a factor. We could have really used a healthy Samuel in this game for those 3rd and short scenarios where you need to keep a drive alive and control the clock.

Anonymous said...

As the great Jack Burton once said, "I feel pretty good...I'm not scared at all."

UpDawg said...

Anon @ 7:32 . . He can have all the Honey he wants, we'll take the Sugar! And yes, he scares me.

I feel like we have to get a lead here to have a real shot at winning. This is one game where "taking our foot off the gas" may actually work. Continually taking chances against this defense will cost us. If we get behind early, i'm afraid we'll have to take too many chances and it might get ugly.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else thought about bringing sugar cubes to throw onto the field if we win? So once again, its "sugar falling out of the sky?" What do you suppose the consequences of that would be . . .

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