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December 4, 2011

In the End

It'll take me a bit to re-watch the game and have any cogent analysis.  Just from my armchair perspective, there are places we have to improve to get to the next level.  Yes, Georgia deserved to be there.  Yes, LSU is all that and a bag of chips.  We stood toe to toe with them. Then they stopped screwing around and decided to get serious.

Last night was like thinking the really hot girl was finally ready to say yes to your advances, only to find out that her abusive 300lbs boyfriend was not only still in the picture, but he was on the way over. And she doesn't know it yet, but she is pregnant by some other dude. And your new car is on fire with your brand new computer in it. And your computer just downloaded a virus that writes your hard drive with chicken porn. 

It was gut wrenching.

Georgia got beaten by a better team last night. I am very proud to call this team my team. For the first time since the Alabama game, LSU's coaches were concerned. Unfortunately for Georgia, that great team did what great teams do when facing a very good opponent that has them on the ropes: figure it out and win.



Anonymous said...

I said it before the LSU game and I'll say it again - the 10-win season was a product of a weak schedule, not Mark Richt's coaching abilities. This game shows just how far UGA still is from being competitive. I think it is a shame Mark Richt will get his contract extension and we will all have to accept mediocrity.

papadawg said...

"writes your hard drive with chicken porn"???

It's more like Honey Badger porn after watching the CBS camera's fetish with that dude on the sidelines...

Geez, I wonder if had to take out a restraining order on Gary and Verne last night.

Anonymous said...

The "we got beat by a better team" line is really quite an understatement. And a laughable one at that. Alabama got beat by a better team. We were ground into a fine powder by a team whose talent, coaching, and execution is in an entirely different stratosphere than us. And you're only fooling yourself if you think the LSU coaches were ever truly concerned. They knew that first half was essentially just a mirage, and they proved as much in the second half.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Anon 9:32, I guess we just view things differently.

LSU is better than us. No debate there. Ground into a fine powder better? Nah. I'm convinced they'd have won without the punt return TD, turnovers inside the 20 and the INT return for a TD. They might have covered, but that is about all.

But that is what great teams do and why we aren't at that level. We didn't return a punt for a TD. We didn't have an INT for a TD. We didn't force two turnovers giving the offense short fields. They did.

Anonymous said...

This game was a measuring stick for the program. Every hole we have as a football team was exposed and exploited. We have seen it before (Boise, SC). The dropped passes, the special teams breakdowns, inaccurate throws, and the thinking that small RB’s can run against better SEC defenses. The biggest thing to me that got exposed is how the offense and defense need to be in sync. We saw it with Boise. We saw how turnovers and special teams breakdowns hurt the defense. The defense is a championship caliber defense. However the offense and special teams have to get better.

So, are we far off? I don’t think so. There clearly has to be a new focus on special teams. Richt either needs to coach it himself or assign a coach to it (do we need a TE and WR coach?). At the very least, more starters need to play on special teams. Next, we have to get larger and more durable RB’s and add depth to the position. There is nothing wrong with having a small back as a change of pace but you can’t rely on that small back to carry the load against SEC defenses. Overall, the season has been much better than I expected it would or could have been.

However, nobody can deny that to compete for championships there has to be a reevaluation of some of the philosophies we believe as a program.

Paul Westerdawg said...

What we saw was essentially the byproduct of 1 team hitting on all cylinders on the recruiting front for 5 years while the other team hit on 2 of 5.

That combined with great coaching hires by Miles and a LIGHTS OUT strength program.

We need to fix the Special teams disaster. We had it fixed last year, and it fell to crap again after Belin left. Fix that and lock in another "Dream Team" type or two and we'll be rocking.

That LSU defense is as good as you're going to see in the SEC ever. No shame in what happened.

S.E. Dawg said...

Oversigning, they do, we don't. That makes a big difference in competivness.

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