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December 6, 2011

Keith Marshall Senior Highlights Video


What's your reaction to these Keith Marshall highlights? I like the way the future Georgia Bulldog stutter steps to let the hole open before accelerating out. Also like that he runs with a nice lean forward. Not the biggest guy obviously, but he's got a tremendous toolset.



Big Muddy Dawg said...

His upright running style reminds me quite a lot of Adrian Peterson. I don't think it's any coincidence that Keith has AP's photo as his background on his Twitter account.

I saw a Tweet earlier from one of the Rivals guys saying that his 40 time was the same as his GPA: 4.29. He's going to give Branden Smith some competition as far as who is faster.

I worry a bit about his size but I don't question his determination and, from what I've read, his character.

Skeptic Dawg said...

He certainly looks like the real deal! Hopefully our O-line is capable of opening holes for him, RSIV and IC next season.

JaxDawg said...

The kid has tremendous potential but, like Isaiah, will greatly benefit from a year of offseason workouts with weights, protein, nutrition, creatine, and post-workout chocolate milk.

IF (big if) Crowell takes advantage of this upcoming off-season S&C program, and assuming Marshall does the same, we will have the best RB tandem in the country in 2013.


btw - Marshall is much, much more articulate than Crowell. Just sayin'.

Ginny said...

I'm glad he's enrolling early. Spring practice will really benefit him.

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