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December 11, 2011

Richt Flair - 4th Annual College Pick'em Champion

All the women love him. All the men want to be like him.
Congrats to Richt Flair for his strong finish, picking Navy and guessing the winning score within one point.  A great season for both Richt Flair and Uganewt (who didn't miss by much, either).

This is also our official kickoff of the Richt Flair Open - Georgia Sports Blog's Annual Bowl Pool. Click on the link to join. Same deal as the regular season - assign confidence points from most confident to least confident picking winners straight up.  The spread is for information only.

Thanks to everyone who participated this season. Good luck with your bowl picks.


Anonymous said...

I heard Ric Flair wears the gray pants

Kevin said...

The link you posted is no the JOIN link for your pool. Use this link instead:

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