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January 27, 2012

ESPN's Chris Low on UGA's Offseason

I think Low makes a variety of interesting comments as he highlights players to watch this offseason as the Georgia Bulldogs gear up for another run at the SEC Championship.  He lists these players as guys to watch:
Isaiah Crowell
David Andrews
Nick Marshall
Damien Swann
Derrick Lott

My list would be:
1. Isaiah Crowell - Competition and conditioning can solve most of his problems*
2. Will Friend - UGA must be able to establish a running game
3. Kenarious Gates - The only returning upper classman on the OL
4. Damien Swann - Leading candidate to replace Boykin at CB
5. Aaron Murray - Must reduce his turnovers. Particularly when running.

Who are your top players to watch in the Spring?  Who are the guys who most need to step up? 


*Losing the phone number to Jasper's weed guy wouldn't hurt either. Allegedly. Obviously.


Anonymous said...

1) Sanders Commings - perhaps this trickles into the fall, but he could be critical to the glue of having a fabulous secondary or reconstructing one. hopefully this is/was an isolated incident.
2) Christian Lemay - Can he help Murray via competition to eliminate the brain cramps and be accountable for them if he continues.
3) ALL the "new" O-linemen"
4) Thomas Brown and Tereshinski and the continued progress or lack thereof with conditioning.

Anonymous said...

You see Swann replacing Boykin at corner? I don't see him passing BSmith or Commings. Seems like he has a great work ethic though, should be a solid nickel back.

Tyler Dawgden said...

1) Will Friend
2) Watts Dantzler
3) John Theus
4) Jay Rome
5) Damien Swann

Anonymous said...

1) Crowell
2) Swann
3) Theus
4) Drew
5) Lynch

Anonymous said...

Not a chance in the world Lemay is a threat to Murray.

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