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January 13, 2012

Fulmer Cup Season or God, Now I am Depressed b/c it's The Off-season

There is no way around the fact that we are over 230 days until college football is back making our lives full and rich, much the way eating a whole pound of Kobe veal served by Jenn Brown's jeans does.  Now, the Fulmer Cup is active.

The Off-season sucks. I lose weight. I have money. I have whole days on the weekends to do stuff. I don't spend large parts of my week in Sam's Club trying to figure out if it was bourbon or sweet tea vodka we ran out of. I buy both just in case. I eat well. I miss seeing people.

Now, we have the Fulmer Cup to deal with, and Athens' finest haven't gone all Sheriff Justice on the football team in some time. I hate the off-season.



Anonymous said...

Do alumni count?

Dre Kirkpatrick of Bama arrested for pot possession according to joe schad

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