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January 15, 2012

Dawgs Play Significantly Better...but Still Lose

Dawgs lose on the road 77-66 to Vandy.  While it was an eleven point loss, it was more like a four or five point game that free throws made into a bigger win. Vandy definitely was rattled by the Dawgs ability to stop the inside game and by Caldwell-Pope's shooting.  It was good to see Coach Fox's substitutions and him playing guys that are hot instead of worrying about guys fouling out.  Free throws are still a concern, both in numbers missed and the numbers the other team are taking. Not counting the 8 attempts during the last minute or so, Vandy still had 15+ more attempts than Georgia. Georgia shot 80% on 20 attempts, so that part of the misery that was the Florida game was much, much better.

Not saying it was a moral victory, but I have to say this game was the best effort from the team from start to finish against a quality opponent we've seen all season.  We play this way during every game, we'll sneak up on someone we have no business beating. We almost did it yesterday. I'll not get into the officiating (but boy, could I), but it was interesting to see Vandy's Taylor push his luck with the officials and get T-ed up at home.

This is partially the team I'd hope we'd see when we hired Mark Fox: Playing hard from whistle to horn, making good decisions with the ball, working the hot hand, and making the other team figure out what to take away.  Right now, we have a lot of growing to do before we will be a legitimate night in and night out threat to the big boys. We need to develop more of an offensive identity, even if it is a three point shooting team. However, if we continue to make the big boys earn their wins, get better every game and figure out a way to overcome some talent differential, and we'd have reason to look forward.  It won't hurt to get Marcus Thornton back soon.

Most importantly, we can't lay anymore steaming turds like we did in Gainesville Tuesday night. That just can't happen again.

Dawgs take on a very hot Tennessee squad at home Wednesday night at 8pm on the SEC network. We need a huge crowd, as this is a nearly must win if we have any hope of doing anything other than finishing the season just under .500.


Anonymous said...

post a pic of westerdawg

Dash said...

Does it annoy anyone else that Trey and Leslie fell ass backwards into one of the new "Hot" teams in the NBA? Don't get me wrong... I am happy for them that they are on a winning squad... we could use them a whole lot more than Chris Paul and Blake Griffin could. They are on mop up duty and nothing more.

"As much as the Clippers claim to dislike the nickname "Lob City," nobody at Staples Center was on their feet quicker and longer than Paul, Blake and Jordan in the fourth quarter, when Clippers forward Trey Thompkins connected with Clippers guard Travis Leslie on a lob of their own late in the game.

"Make sure you mention that dunk," Jordan said. "Make sure you mention Leslie's dunk."

Tyler Dawgden said...

Not so much annoyed as much amazed. I was sure they blew it by leaving, then getting drafted by the Clippers. The freaking CLIPPERS!

It can only help recruiting to see both of them on Sports Center doing that. Heavens knows anything we can do to help recruiting is a good thing.

Dash said...

It would have helped a lot more seeing them doing it in red and black for another season than in LA. Maybe the clippers will let them wear UGA headbands together or something.

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