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January 18, 2012

SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot - Week of January 15th

New basement dweller. Same folks at the top. Majic 8ball in the middle and bottom. Road wins are kind of like Big 12 footbal defense: a great theory, but not a reality.
  1. Kentucky - The 'Cats will lose a game in the conference at some point. They tried really hard to do so Saturday at Tennessee.
  2. Vandy - Just win baby. Bet the Georgia game made Stallings hair fall out some more. 
  3. Alabama - If this team learns to play consistent offense, they will be a tough out.
  4. Mississppi State - I honestly thought they were over rated. A gutsy win over Alabama made me realize I might have been wrong.
  5. Florida - Still not sure wins over the dregs of the conference should mean anything. At least they are beating the dregs of the conference.
  6. Arkansas - Anderson will have big success at Arkansas. He has a young team that isn't mentally tough enough to both play his punishing style of basketball and focus on playing to win. They will be very dangerous the later it gets in the conference slate.
  7. Mississippi - Not sure what to do with the Bears. On one hand, I think they are a talented basketball team. On the other, they sure don't play like it sometimes. They are 7th by default since I don't think they are in the top 6 or the bottom 5.
  8. Tennessee - Starting to show signs of life. Martin has them playing to the top of their potential and that isn't a good thing for the teams that had the Volunteers marked as a sure win.
  9. LSU - Rumors of Trent Johnson's demise were both exaggerated and premature. Which is what she said.
  10. Georgia - I would like to say something positive about the Dawgs: I love their mascot.
  11. Auburn - Well, at least I can use basketball instead of basektball for them.
  12. South Carolina - Could have had them 8th. Could have had them 13th. The bottom of the conference is just that bad.
It isn't a stretch to say the SEC could have only 3 teams in the NCAA tournament. It isn't a stretch to say the SEC could have 8 teams in the NCAA tournament. 


JRod1229 said...

Also isn't a stretch that the SEC could win the Nat'l Championship.. who cares about bball?

Tyler Dawgden said...

I do. And Georgia football fans should, too. A strong men's and women's hoops program can be a huge help in football recruiting. Not to mention, I want Georgia to be successful in everything, regardless of sport. I am a Georgia fan, not just a Georgia football fan.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dawgden.

The men's basketball program is pretty pathetic when you look at the history of it. I was listening to one of the talk sports radio programs and they were saying that the overall winning percentage of the men's basketball program was less than 50% (don't hold me to it, but I am close) and they could not believe how ridiculous that was with the potential available in the state of Georgia. The show hosts were questioning the UGA fans apathy and true dedication to building a national power.

I want UGA to be successful in everything it does.

Anonymous said...

Wake me up when spring football begins.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tyler. When I say Go Dawgs, it means ALL Dawg events. Not just football.

Hunkering Hank said...


JRod1229 said...

Wish they had a sarcasm font.. I'm actually a huge bball fan.

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