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February 2, 2012

NSD Review

Nothing really to talk about? Another top 10 class. Big gets on defense. Punter and kicker of the future. Some offensive line help. We could have signed a couple of more, but over all the 2013 class looks deeper, especially in state, than the 2012 class does. As long as we take care of business in 2013, a smaller class this year isn't that big of a deal.

So, anything else blog worthy going on about signing day? Oh, Joshua Harvey-Clemons.  My take: Give the kid...and his family...a break. Before you start with the 'you don't want to win' and 'be a Florida fan you f$*@$*g,' understand this: They are making a decision about where their family member will always be associated with.

As a Bulldog fan, I am mad that his grandfather would hold him up from his dream. As a parent, I understand. I believe Josh when he says he is 100% Dawg and is coming to Athens. I believe he is coming to Athens. His family will understand that his desire to succeed at the place of his choosing will, and should, win over any concerns of distance (or whatever it is that the Clemons are concerned about). Plus, his family can't keep him from enrolling at Georgia, so even if the LOI never gets signed, he can show up on time and play on scholarship.

Finally, I am not calling shenanigans, but why would the family want him at Florida with Coach Boom MF over Georgia with Coach Richt? Any ideas, other than the distance thing?


PS. Yes, I know the mystery recruit never materialized. I have thought all along the mystery recruit was someone who hadn't really mentioned UGA, so if he'd have decided to come to Georgia, it would have been beyond a shock.

PSS. Blutarsky has art.


j.leonardjr said...

The mystery recruit was Markus Eligwe.

Anonymous said...

A top 10 class nationally, but a mediocre class in the SEC. Typical for Richt. Misses for the Oline is huge, but Richt has never had consistent success on the line for some reason.

Why would JHC's Grandfather want him to sign with Muschamp over Richt? The idea that Pastor Richt is so much better of a Coach because of his faith is humorous to me. Is he a good man? Yes, without a doubt. Has his faith translated into less arrests for his players? Heck no. His player arrest records rival those of Urban Meyer. And is the good man Richt a great Coach? No. He can't ever seem to develop talent, not like other great SEC Coaches. So I can see with JHC's Grandfather has concerns about his son at UGA.

Playing for Richt at UGA isn't as obvious of a choice as son biased UGA fans make it out to be.

Tyler Dawgden said...

No argument on the Oline misses, but 3 or 4th in the conference is mediocre?

Ginny said...

When 1 and 2 in the conference are in the top 5 in the nation, I don't think 3 or 4 in the conference is mediocre.

Anonymous said...

It is a good class, maybe a great class. We will see. The issue is, IT IS TOO SMALL. Last year, we awarded 5 walk-on scholarships. We are guilty of undersigning in a state that ranks #3 nationally of 4-5 star recruits. WHY???????????e

Anonymous said...

He isn't a great coach? Ha. I mean I guess 106 wins in 11 years isn't good.

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