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March 9, 2012

Basketball Schadenfreude

It isn't often you get to write one of these, but the picture in the AJC says it all:
(Image: Compton @AJC)
Between this picture, which pretty accurately sums up the whole debacle that was Georgia Tech's 36 point effort in the ACC tournament, and the Auburn point shaving non-sense, I have to ask: "How did we lose to these jokers?"

I know I've been pretty Jekyll and Hydish this season about Georgia basketball, but we lost to Auburn, Georgia Tech, Arkansas, and South Carolina, all teams that are done mailing it in. I guess the good news is that South Dakota State is in the NCAA tournament, so that win looks pretty good.

Anytime you get to see Georgia Tech's coach with this look on his face at the ACC tournament (and for all practical purposes a home game), and let's face it, we have seen it plenty recently, it isn't a terrible day.


Anonymous said...

Love it, but one correction: we didn't lose to Arkansas.

Steve said...

I hear ya, but we DID beat Arkansas.

It is sad, though, that a few very winnable games are almost certainly going to cost these kids a postseason. They fought hard and deserve better.

Tyler Dawgden said...

It just felt like we lost to all the terrible teams.

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