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March 29, 2012

College Baseball is a Hitters League

And Georgia needs some hitters.  Actually, we need some hitting instruction.

After watching the carnage that was the mid-week Clemson game on Tuesday, it sure seems like Georgia is still approaching hitting like it is 2010. Not to bore you with details, but recently major changes occurred in regulations covering bats in college baseball. It looks like Georgia's players are still trying to hit home runs on every at bat. With the new bats, that means we have a lot of fly-outs and line drives caught by outfielders.

That alone isn't the only source of issues. We have started the weird trend of committing errors in bunches and at key times of the game (see 2010). Going into last weekend's series at Vandy, we had only committed 19 errors. Now we stand at 25, with two in the Vandy series leading to heartbreaking losses to a team that likely won't make the SEC tourney.  That stuff can't happen with the SEC as loaded as it is.

The good news is that our weekend pitching has potential. It needs better hitting to prevent the inevitable defensive blow up from turning a win into a loss. Also, we can't lose any more series to the dregs of the conference. That is a recipe for playing from the 9 or 10 seed in Hoover. Or worse yet, not making it.



Anonymous said...

Seems like in virtually every sport save tennis & swimming we're getting passed by. Perno should've been fired a couple of years ago. Fox can't recruit to build any momentum. And Saint Richt barely wins the east with the easiest schedule imaginable only to have his ass kicked in just 1 half by the 2nd best team in the West.

Fact is, South Carolina is doing more to rise in the SEC ranks of the big 3 sports than Georgia is. Back to back championships in baseball, Spurrier's winning big games (see beating Saban) & an East title, and their basketball team just hired K State's Coach. I never thought UGA would be looking up at the gamecocks.

Anonymous said...

Perno has been to 3 College World Series in 9 seasons. You people who bitch about him are idiots.

Anonymous said...

College Baseball is a joke. Each team consist of maybe 2 potential MLB players and the game is not quality at all. Rather watch minor league ball then the crap that is put out there on a consistent basis. College baseball is not like any other college sports. You don't ever see the best players in college!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:43, you are dumb.

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