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March 10, 2012

Dawgs End Season in Loss to Vandy at SEC Tourney

For 20 minutes, we believed. We thought it could happen. A one point lead at halftime. With Cannon, John Cannon, leading the team in scoring. The bench scored more point in one half, than they have in over 2/3 of our games. It was our night.

Then, it wasn't. For some inexplicable reason, Fox went away from the lineup that had given Vandy fits and went back to the lineup that yeilded Vandy their big lead in the first half. Giving Vandy a big second half lead, especially when Jenkins gets rolling like Mike Price in Pensacola, is the formula for a blow out.

That is what happened.

I'll have more thoughts on Georgia's season and prospects for next season later.



The Original Blawger said...

Inexplicably? Those guys were in because the starters were in foul trouble. It's a no brainer to put the starters back in. No one was shooting the lights out in the first half. Vandy got hot in the 2nd. That was the difference.

Tyler Dawgden said...

You had a combination that kept Tinsley in check, kept Festus off balance and was attacking the basket. That combination did not include Marcus Thornton.

Yes, Vandy got hot, but Thornton and Williams weren't the best post players we had last night, starters or not.

Anonymous said...

Tinsley destroyed Thornton. Poor coaching on the part of Fox to think that matchup would work well. Thornton cannot guard a point guard.

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