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March 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, Herschel Walker

WARNING: This picture alone could impregnate unprotected people.
Herschel turns 50 today, which means he is 25 in normal human years. Except for his knowledge. He has the knowledge of a 75 year old Hindi shaman. Who is a violin prodigy, and invented a bearded man to serve as the model for a beer commercial spokesman, in his nighttime brain living workouts.

Recently someone made the comment that Bo Jackson>Herschel Walker. I simply state that Bo was a great athlete, but until he competes in the Winter Olympics, wins an MMA fight and a Nobel Prize, he simply won't be as good as Herschel.

The Auburn fan was quick to point out that Herschel has not won a Nobel Prize, to which I replied, "Only because he hasn't tried."

Happy 50th Birthday, #34.

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Anonymous said...

What a man!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Herschel was a great track athlete too. Not sure if Bo ran track but I know he wasn't as good as Herschel.

Scott said...

And I used to ride an East-West Bus with him all those many years ago. Of course he went on to be a world class athlete and I need a hip replacement! :-)

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